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August 7, 20193 min read

How Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder is Being Used for Mining (videos)


Con Costi, Australian Channel Manager, Tait Asia Pacific, shares his experiences using the Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder for mining operations.

Tait Unified Vehicle is an edge computing platform that can combine mobile radio and broadband connectivity.  It includes a powerful Application Builder tool that is designed to easily program and control various aspects of the Tait Unified Vehicle functions and connectivity.  We love this solution as it offers so much flexibility for customers to build their own behavior or geographic based programs to operate just the way they need to, in relation to the other devices, networks, and applications that they’re connected to.

Tait customers in the mining industry are focused on safety and efficiency and Tait Unified Vehicle has a lot to offer.  Tait experts are working with our customers to create bespoke applications that mitigate the unique risks and hazards of their environment, and improve alerts and reporting across sites.

After working closely with some of these mines, I’m excited to show you the ease with which Tait Unified Vehicle can be configured for safety and productivity applications.  Here are some videos I took of our demonstrations – just some of the many, many applications that are possible.

Blast Tones

One of the most dangerous, necessary events in the pursuit of exploring and extracting minerals from the ground is the use of explosives.

As the Digital Mobile Radio Codex in Tait portables inherently reduces background noises, a blast tone played over a digital system will be distorted and suppressed.  What the Tait Unified Vehicle solution offers is that the blast tone wave file is embedded in our terminals and can be activated from every Tait terminal when the situation arises.  This allows all radio users on site to have the capability to be alerted with a clear and loud blasting alarm.

Watch Jason Cox, Sales Engineer for Tait Communications, demonstrating the transmission of a blast alarm over radio with the use of Tait Unified Vehicle.

Lightning Strike – Early Warning

Australia has such an amazingly diverse environment and people working out in the mines are subjected to all manner of hostile weather.  Apart from enduring extreme temperatures, there is also the real prospect of being struck by lightning during severe thunderstorms.

Just one Tait Unified Vehicle unit connected to your radio system has the capability to alert your whole radio fleet to warnings of imminent harsh weather, allowing people to vacate to safer areas.  The warnings can be text messages as well as audible alarms.  Lightning is an example of an extreme hazard to the explosive materials used on mine sites, and early warning provided to workers to clear dangerous areas will help keep people safe and avoid equipment damage.

Radio Controlled Electronic Signage

Mines have so much going on, that it’s very difficult to keep up with maintaining the safety and well being of mine employees and visitors, while still trying to be as profitable as possible.  It takes hundreds of people in the background to enable the smooth and safe extraction of minerals with absolute zero harm.

Tait Communications offers reliable radio communications as well as the capability of integrating third party equipment that enhances the resolution of everyday issues.  A recent solution, with use of Tait Unified Vehicle and an electronic LED Hanover Sign, enables the user to display text from the control of a Tait radio terminal.  The user can change text on a LED capable sign at a mine site by entering text on a Tait portable.  Such messages like blast times or unplanned road closures can be immediately displayed with no fuss or lengthy coordination.

As you can see, Tait Unified Vehicle can be used to mitigate site-specific risks and hazards.  With the help of our dedicated team and experienced channel partners, our customers benefit from the range of bespoke applications that add immense value to their worker safety and efficiency.

Tait Unified Vehicle is a revolutionary technology that really embraces the power of Unified Critical Communications.  It’s a flexible communications core that gives you the power to integrate and customize solutions for your organization’s needs.


Supercharge the performance of your existing or new Tait mobile radio with Tait Unified Vehicle.  Take your WiFi with you, build bespoke applications, and be connected like never before.

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