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About Us

Behind-the-Scenes at Tait

Take a peek at what goes on behind-the scenes at Tait. Meet a few of our team members as they walk you through their workspaces and projects. You might just find the answer to what makes our people tick and how we consistently create some of the best critical communications solutions on the planet.

Usability Design

Rodney Mackrell, Senior Design Engineer in Tait's Usability Design team talks about the work he and his team do and discusses how important Usability Design is to our clients and our company.

We learnt about the process Tait takes to develop new client solutions, how ideas are formed and what working closely with clients looks like and what it can achieve. This is where the innovations that can take us to the future of critical communications are born. 

The Innovation Room

Join Tanmay Bhola, a Design Engineer for Tait's exciting Innovation Room, as he shows us the ins and outs of the creative hub that is his work space.

Tanmay talks about how his team is working on solutions that to improve the world of critical communications. He also demonstrates products like Today's Fire Danger (Android App) and BioLink, and what they promise for the people we serve.

Manufacturing Facility

Come along with Aaron Robinson, Production Manager at Tait, on this exclusive look at our fascinating manufacturing facility to see who makes our Tait radios and how we ensure the highest possible standards for our products. You'll see the processes we follow to bring you Tait products. You'll also learn how we approach lean manufacturing to keep costs down so that our clients receive excellent value when they choose Tait.