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About Us

Our Leadership Team

Welcome to the leadership member page of Tait Communications. Here, you will meet the exceptional individuals who steer the course of our organization and lead us towards a brighter future. Our leadership team embodies the values, vision, and passion that define our company. With their extensive expertise, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment, they inspire and empower our employees to deliver excellence in everything we do. Together, they form a cohesive force that navigates the ever-evolving business landscape, drives innovation, and fosters a culture of collaboration and growth. Get to know our remarkable leaders who embody the spirit of Tait Communications and propel us to new heights of success.


Dr Yoram Benit

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Yoram Benit has been Chief Executive Officer of Christchurch-based Tait Communications since June 2021. He joined the company in the United States and moved to New Zealand in early 2019 following his promotion to Chief Operating Officer.


Avi Friedman

Vice President of Corporate Development

Avi Friedman joined Tait in March 2019 with over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Tait, Avi served Harris Corporation for three years as a Public Safety and Commercial Communications Release Manager.


Belkis Pena

Chief Transition, Organizational Performance Officer

Ms.Pena is the Chief Transition and Organizational Performance at Tait Communications. Belkis is based in Florida, USA, from where she directs teams in Christchurch, NZ and regionally deployed personnel throughout Tait’s global footprint thus mobilizing Tait’s resources for the alignment of purpose and key performance indicators that lead to the successful execution of Tait’s business strategy.


Emmanuel Stauder

Chief Operating Officer

Appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer in March 2022, Emmanuel Stauder’s career at Tait Communications has spanned over more than 20 years.


Krishna Guda

Chief Financial Officer

Krishna has 35 years of corporate leadership experience in the IT & T industry. His strengths are across financial management, corporate strategy, digital growth, business transformation, M&A/strategic partnering, and Business development across global markets.


Maria Rowe

Chief Marketing Officer

Maria Rowe is the Chief Marketing Officer for Tait Communications and leads the Marketing, Brand and Customer Experience functions for Tait globally. She is also Tait’s first appointed female CMO.


Nick Pennance

Chief Revenue Officer

Nick Pennance is currently the Chief Revenue Officer for Tait Communications, responsible for Taits Global Sales and Revenue growth, previously he was the President of Tait in the Americas.


Penny Hoogerwerf

Chief Legal Officer

Penny Hoogerwerf is the Chief Legal Officer for Tait Communications and heads our global legal, compliance, commercial and risk functions at Tait.

PJ Jayawardene

PJ Jayawardene

Chief Technology Officer

PJ Jayawardene joined Tait as the Chief Technology Officer in November 2023.

Prior to joining Tait, PJ led a successful 20-year multi-national career across generations of cellular technology introduction from 3G to 5G, WiFi and then converging the core and access network technologies in the fiber and DOCSIS domains.