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Management made easy

Tait EnableFleet

Total visibility and management of your radio fleet from a central point of control.

You can now enjoy the assurance that comes with knowing your entire network's status. With Tait EnableFleet you can configure and manage your entire fleet of mobile and portable radios from one central location. This ensures consistent results and provides economies of scale that were previously not achievable because of the requirement for in-field experts to manage radio fleets.

Tait EnableFleet places the control and management efficiency of your entire radio fleet firmly in your hands.

"We have just started using Tait EnableFleet and Tait EnableInsight as we convert from MPT-IP to DMR Tier 3 and we are already seeing the advantage of it. It has made the transition thus far much easier. I look forward to after the full upgrade and the other features that we will be able to use at that point."

Dennis Buchanan Telecommunications Technician II, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Tait EnableFleet delivers:

  • Centralized radio configuration and firmware management
  • Accurate and reliable fleet information
  • Consistent installation results
  • Cost-effective, easy in-field programming
  • Easy delivery of updates using client application or Over The Air Programming (OTAP)
  • Real-time client-server updates and fleet status display
  • File attachment support for installation auditing
  • Secure data
  • Flexible server-side hosting options
  • Reporting
  • Future proofing

Tait EnableFleet Client Screen


Tait EnableFleet Manager Screen

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EnableFleet2-tn-440x270 Radio fleet management made easy: why organizations are choosing EnableFleet

Radio fleet management  is easier and more accessible than ever before with Tait EnableFleet, an industry-leading configuration management system that provides a fast, easy-to-use, secure and controlled way to manage fleet configurations and changes.

Newmont-Boddington-440x270 Newmont Goldcorp Boddington Gold Mine, WA, Australia

Tait EnableFleet provides centralized control and visibility of radio fleet programming, saving time and offering peace of mind.

Hilton-Haulage-440x270 Hilton Haulage, New Zealand

Hilton Haulage, one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of transport and storage facilities, worked with local Tait dealer Ashley Communications to identify a suitable solution for their communication challenges. Several options were explored, but Tait Unified Vehicle stood out as being the clear winner.