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Intrinsically Safe

In an increasingly safety-conscious world, employers must protect their workers from risk of explosion, where there is a known risk-element of their equipment becoming an ignition source in an explosive atmospheric environment.

Intrinsically Safe Radios

"We selected Tait digital P25 technology due to its exceptional audio quality and ability to eliminate background sound in noisy environments. Furthermore the fact that Tait P25 radios are extremely robust and come as intrinsically safe meant they are ideal for the Petrobras working environment. "

Luiz PoletoTGD Teleglobal

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Internationally, large numbers of organizations are responding to legislative changes, insurance requirements, and occupational health and safety legislation to ensure the ongoing safety of their staff.

A Hazardous area may be defined wherever volatile or flammable substances, such as fuel, gas, or flammable dusts are present. Due to their potential of heat generation or sparking, specialized smartphones and hand-held radios use a number of methods to meet safety standards. One of these methods is Intrinsic Safety. Intrinsically Safe devices from Tait are designed to the same high standard of operation, and provide most of the features and performance of a non-IS model.
Intrinsically Safe

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard for explosive atmospheres (Ex) equipment, the IEC 60079 series, is now the international benchmark. It is currently used in more than 30 IECEx member countries including Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. Tait Intrinsically Safe devices are rigorously assessed to ensure user safety and that it will not ignite explosive atmospheres in hazardous locations. These high standards and regulations ensure that these devices remain safe even if the radio's functionality is compromised.

The IEC 60079-11 standard covers both the radio and battery. For the battery to be removable in a hazardous environment, it must be completely intrinsically safe in its own right. Not every radio brand has this degree of battery protection. Read more about our Intrinsically Safe portables available in both P25 and DMR, or speak with a Tait representative about Intrinsically Safe options today.

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Intro to Intrinsically Safe (IS) Radios Intro to Intrinsically Safe (IS) Radios

A number of different standards worldwide help guide manufacturers, purchasers and users in the design, manufacture, selection and operation of IS radios. This course will help you to interpret these standards, based on their location in the world, and the environment under which the IS radios will be used

Guide to Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios Guide to Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios

This free paper helps you interpret the different worldwide standards for Intrinsic Safety (IS), and what guides manufacturers, purchasers, and users in the design, manufacture, selection, and operation of IS radios.

More Choices for Intrinsically Safe Radios More Choices for Intrinsically Safe Radios

Tait has expanded our Intrinsically Safe (IS) range of radios, with new models certified to meet the stringent Class 1 Division 1 standard in the United States.

Client Stories

Petrobras, Brazil Petrobras, Brazil

Find out how one of the world's leading oil companies invested in a Tait P25 Intrinsically Safe solution to address their dramatically expanding operations in hazardous environments.

EP Petroecuador - Ecuador EP Petroecuador - Ecuador

EP Petroecuador is the national oil and gas company of Ecuador, specializing in transport, refinement, storage, and sales of oil and gas derivatives both domestically and internationally.

Huntly Power Plant, New Zealand Huntly Power Plant, New Zealand

Learn how New Zealand's largest thermal power station selected a Tait Intrinsically Safe solution to improve poor coverage caused by the challenging working environment.