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Enable workers with applications that help them collaborate, coordinate resources and stay informed.


Keep Workers Connected
Calling Services

Keep conversations flowing between individuals and teams regardless of network, device or location using Push-to-Talk over broadband networks.


Boost Collaboration and Productivity
Messaging Services

Enrich communications by exchanging multimedia messages with a contact or group, including both Text and Image attachments.


Bring Your Teams Together
Interoperating Services

Overcome the network, device and location challenges that keep teams apart by implementing broadband and LMR interoperability pathways for open communication and collaboration.


Extend Your Reach
Remote Control Services

Monitor and join conversations, change channels and make emergency calls while outside the vehicle using a smartphone app that connects directly to the TAIT AXIOM mobile device.


Prepare to Respond
Emergency Services

Be alerted when workers signal distress, and more importantly when they can’t, by using Lone Worker routine check-ins, geographic boundary notifications, and man down capabilities.


Find Everything
Location Services

Create a safer, more productive work environment using real-time location data services such as Automatic Vehicle Location, Bluetooth beacon technology and geofencing.


See the Situation Clearly
Multimedia Messaging

Provide on-scene situational context with dispatchers, team members or talkgroups using a smart device’s integrated camera to send image files.


Capture Important Conversations
Recording Services

Record on-network and off-network voice communications and retrieve the saved files directly from the device or from the cloud for audit and post-incident review.

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Empowered by TAIT AXIOM

mobile--440x270 Mobile Device

Multi-bearer connectivity, application processing at the edge, open standards programming on a mobile device.

wearable-440x270 Wearable Device

Compact, wearable broadband communications device with familiar controls and heads-up operation.

handheld--440x270 Handheld Devices

Broadband smart devices that bridge the communications gap between networks, devices and user locations.