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Client Stories

Organizations all over the world turn to Tait for expert communications solutions and services. Take a look at some of our clients discussing the benefits of Tait solutions in their own words.
Featured Client Story

Public Safety Network - New Zealand

Tait Communications and Kordia, in partnership, have won a contract to build and maintain a secure digital land mobile radio communications network across New Zealand, a key element of the Government’s recently announced Public Safety Network (PSN). With more than 450 sites, this will be one of the largest P25 networks in the world. The overall Public Safety Network, estimated to be worth NZ$1.4 billion (US$866 million) over 10 years, will provide frontline emergency responders with a reliable, secure and capable communications system. It provides emergency responders with the ability to communicate with each other more effectively to resolve emergency incidents.



Law Enforcement and Police

Fire and Emergency Response


Mining, Oil, and Gas