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Transport Industry


Solutions for Transport Communications

We help transport agencies around the world keep citizens moving by providing reliable voice and data solutions, including long distance radio communication.
Improved Timetable Compliance Improved Timetable Compliance

On-time service is vital to retaining the provider contract and the confidence of the travelling public. Tait DMR Tier 3 voice and data network can help keep your city moving, getting your people to their destinations on time.

Effectively Manage Service Interruption Effectively Manage Service Interruption

Stay connected to your people and your city when they're counting on your organization to keep them safe and keep them moving, even during large emergencies.

Reduce Costs and improve Environmental Performance Reduce Costs and improve Environmental Performance

Tait technology can help improve your organization's environmental performance, and save you money at the same time!

Enhanced Worker Safety Enhanced Worker Safety

Worker Safety is a top priority for transport agencies around the world. Keeping them connected and informed is key to a safe and efficient workplace.

Featured Client Story

Transport for London, UK

Transport for London (TfL) is one of the largest transport authorities in the world, with over 2 billion journeys made in their network each year. Since the early 2000s, Tait has provided communications solutions for Transport for London’s surface fleet of around 9,300 buses, helping them keep Londoners moving.
Transport for London, UK
Featured Product

DMR Tier 3 Radio Networks

Unsafe practices in the workplace can cost both lives and money. Alongside radio for voice communications, a modern digital radio network can also provide data applications that increase worker safety. Tait offers a range of solutions designed to keep your people safe; from GeoFencing and Man Down, to exceptional audio, Tait Communications has earned a reputation for providing worker safety solutions that help keep you and your team safe.
DMR Tier 3 Radio Networks

Tait Private LTE

The TAIT AXIOM range integrates critical communications systems with the latest technology, converging diverse technologies like LMR, LTE, Satellite, and WiFi. By converging multiple networks, devices and applications, Tait provides simple, secure, and flexible solutions to improve safety and efficiency for your organization. Tait supports open standards and provides platforms that you can build on over time to leverage your investment, delivering value now and in the future.
Tait Private LTE

Our Resources for Transport

Public Transport: Journeys that Matter Public Transport: Journeys that Matter

Public Transport brings a vital service to communities, providing safe, affordable, convenient transportation to urban centers and rural areas. Choosing the right technology partner is crucial to meeting these goals.

Solving Large Coverage Area Challenges Solving Large Coverage Area Challenges

Organizations that rely on radio communications often have massive operation areas – entire districts or states. Ensuring consistent coverage over these areas creates unique challenges. In this article, we look at how Tait solutions solve coverage problems for two very different transport agencies.

Metropolitan Bus Network Selects Tait DMR Tier 3 Metropolitan Bus Network Selects Tait DMR Tier 3

The travelling public of Greater Manchester UK will enjoy the benefits of modern, clear and reliable digital communication when a large part of their bus network moves over to a Tait DMR Tier 3 radio system, developed with a focus on safety.

Reseau de transport de Longueui - Quebec Canada Reseau de transport de Longueui - Quebec Canada

In Quebec, Canada, the safety and mobility for the staff and patrons of Reseau de transport de Longueui, the City of Longueuil’s transport corporation are  enhanced with Tait DMR Tier 3 and Omnitronics’ ‘omnicore’ communication solutions, featuring Dynamic Regrouping. 

National Express West Midlands - UK National Express West Midlands - UK

Telent has partnered with Tait Communications to transform infrastructure for more than 1,500 buses across England’s West Midlands by implementing DMR Tier 3 and TAIT AXIOM converged solutions.

Hilton Haulage - New Zealand Hilton Haulage - New Zealand

Hilton Haulage, one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of transport and storage facilities, worked with local Tait dealer Ashley Communications to identify a suitable solution for their communication challenges. Several options were explored, but TAIT AXIOM Mobiles stood out as being the clear winner.