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Location Services

Being aware of the location of important assets, vehicles and people can boost productivity and worker safety. Close monitoring location information combined with workflow automation allow you to proactively and efficiently manage operations and the safety of your people.

A well integrated location solution can dramatically increase worker safety and productivity by decreasing incident response time. In many industries, this means improved customer satisfaction due to higher performance, and reduced operation costs.

Tait offers a range of integrated Location Solutions that track, record and report the location and status of your workforce and assets to provide you with real-time visibility of field operation, as well as best-in-class mapping applications from our Technology Partners.

Location Services for Worker Safety

When combined with Man Down and Lone Worker, Location Services make it easy to quickly send help to the exact location, even if your worker is unable to give directions. This cuts down response time by eliminating unnecessary searches and sending assistance directly to the worker. Tait GeoFencing can be used to proactively manage health and safety workflows with location based automation.

Indoor and Outdoor Location

All Tait mobiles and portables support satellite based location services for outdoor operation on P25, DMR or analog networks. Tait TP9300 and TP9500 DMR portables can also interact with Bluetooth iBeacons for indoor location services. Mapping applications are available to show the location of all your workforce both indoors and outdoors.

Tait GeoFencing

When enabled with Tait GeoFencing, Tait mobiles and portables provide location based workflow automation at the edge, independent of network connection. Location data triggers pre-configured actions in a radio, such as changing channels or networks, activating Lone Worker Mode, alerting control room staff when workers enter a hazardous area, or alerting workers to required actions for the area they’ve entered. Tait GeoFencing is available in all P25, DMR and analog modes.

Location Mapping Applications

A key element of a location solution is Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), which is the reporting of the current position of mobile assets (i.e. people and vehicles) on a map. A range of best-in-class mapping applications are available from Tait Technology partners for use with Tait communications solutions. Many mapping applications are also now integrated within control room dispatch applications.

DMR Fast Polling for Increased Accuracy

Devices reporting their location over a radio network is known as polling. More frequent updates means greater location accuracy, especially helpful for GeoFencing for location based workflow automation. Tait DMR Tier 3 achieves industry leading polling rates of up to 1,000 polls per minute per site.

Open Standards for P25, DMR and Broadband

Tait supports standards based location services for P25, DMR and broadband solutions, enabling compatibility between networks and devices from multiple vendors, and easy integration with a variety of technology partner solutions.

Tait can also design customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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