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Sir Angus Tait

Sir Angus Tait was one of New Zealand's most innovative business leaders and a cornerstone of the country's flourishing high-tech sector.

His school boy interest in electronics led to a remarkable 60-year career in radio communications. He left Waitaki Boys' High School to work in a local radio store and later served with the RAF in airborne radar during World War II.

The Early Days

Returning to New Zealand after the war, he put that experience to good use by going into business designing and building mobile radio equipment.

He recovered from a setback of receivership in 1967 to create his second company, Tait Electronics Ltd, which has grown to become one of the world's leading suppliers of a complete range of mobile radio equipment, with product in use in 160 countries. 

The Start of Tait Electronics

Sir Angus grew his company around the business philosophy of reinvesting virtually all profit in research and development, and the latest manufacturing technology. "Our technology is our sword, we keep it sharp and bright."

"The Best is Yet to Come"

Sir Angus rejected past offers for his company from several international industry giants. To ensure long-term survival of the company, he restructured it as a charitable trust.

Several of New Zealand's other leading technology companies were founded by Tait people branching out on their own, prompting one such entrepreneur, John Croft, to term Sir Angus "The giant oak of the New Zealand electronics industry".

Sadly Sir Angus passed away on 7th August 2007. He will be missed by many at Tait and the New Zealand electronics industry.

Quotes from a Business Leader

Angus on innovation starting up a business:

"If you’re going to start down the road on a new piece of activity, don’t be too wise. Don’t know too much about it, because if you know how hard it is, you won’t do it."

Angus on work:

"Enjoy your work, learn as much as you can, upgrade your skills, aim high in your standards."

Angus on creativity:

"When designing new products, yes, there were sparks of creativity, but often it was applied knowledge and accumulated experience that improved every little detail and generated a great product."

Angus on success:

"Success comes from an unwavering dedication to a specific goal, from teamwork in the face of adversity and from aiming high in a competitive world."

Angus on the environment:

"I believe taking action on our environmental sustainability is vital for New Zealand and the world."

Angus on mortgaging his house to start again after bankruptcy:

To Bank Manager: “I won’t be making the same mistakes again…I’ll be making new mistakes in future.”