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Client Story

City of Concord, NC, USA

The City of Concord lies within the bustling Charlotte Metropolitan Area and is well known for its rich motorsport culture, political conventions and large tourist attractions.

City of Concord, NC, USA

"The solution is fully interoperable. They will be able to communicate with each other over the network via dispatch, no matter which frequency."

Chris LinkerCommunications Director, City of Concord

The Client

In 2012, neighboring city Charlotte will host the Democratic National Convention, which is expected to bring over 35,000 delegates and visitors to the region. The area will receive a $50 million grant from the federal government for convention security.

Renowned for the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord hosts three NASCAR events a year, which sees the City’s population double during race weekends. Additional police officers, firefighters, state troopers and sheriffs are brought in from the wider state to provide added security for these events.

Concord is also home to the largest tourist attraction in North Carolina, Concord Mills Mall, which attracts approximately 17 million visitors each year.


Responsible for Concord's 911 center and public safety radio communications, Communications Director Chris Linker explains: "The radio equipment we had was old and no longer supported by the manufacturer. For the convention, additional first responders will be brought in from outside the area to heighten security; those radio users will bring a variety of 800MHz, VHF and UHF equipment. Interoperability is extremely important and we need to support all of these frequencies."


Genuine interoperability is a significant part of the security plan for the region's large events. For supporting agencies coming in from outside the area to work with local public safety, a dual-mode solution was required for officers using both P25 digital radios and analog FM equipment.
Chris explains his decision to work with Tait: "I looked at the leading radio solutions providers and chose Tait for their best-in-class dual-mode TB9100 base station.
The Tait equipment met our requirements and it also meets the January 1, 2013 narrowband mandate."

The P25-compliant solution comprises:

  • 800MHz and VHF channels for Concord's Police and Fire Departments and,
  • UHF for Public Safety, Concord Mills Mall/Allied Barton Security Services to Concord 911 Dispatch


"To manage public safety and security operations for the motorsport events and political convention, we can now offer first responders called in from the wider state a menu of frequencies," says Chris Linker. "The solution is fully interoperable.

They will be able to communicate with each other over the network via dispatch, no matter which frequency."

The digital channels provide secure, encrypted voice communications for covert policing operations, while also serving as a redundant layer for the City's Fire and Police responders subscribing to the regional network.

"The resilient system provides our police and fire personnel with another lifeline to our communications center for help and additional resources," adds Chris. "Installation of the digital base stations was straightforward. The Tait software makes it easy to load, read, modify and save settings. Furthermore, I'm able to use an analog line interface to our analog consoles."

"The TB9100 base stations have individual IP addresses; I can connect, configure and monitor performance of the base stations remotely. This saves me a lot of time, as I don't have to drive to the site and physically check on the equipment."

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