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Client Story

The Golden Valley Electric Association, AK, USA

The Golden Valley Electric Association serves 100,000 residents over a 5,973 square mile (15,470 square kilometre) territory in Alaska, USA. GVEA has nine generating facilities and maintains a diverse fuel mix to help stabilize costs for its community.

The Golden Valley Electric Association, AK, USA


Due to the sub-arctic climate of the Alaskan interior, GVEA deal with many storms and snowfalls that threaten to interrupt their services. Despite this, GVEA has a strong commitment to reliability. It is therefore paramount that they have reliable coverage to maintain efficiency and safety when in the field. GVEA wanted to upgrade their MPT classic system to increase the reliability of coverage, and reduce costs.


GVEA chose to upgrade to a Tait MPT-IP system due to its proven track record and reliable coverage that offers wide-area communications. Local Tait dealer Revl Communications installed 12 Essential Trading Systems Corp. CS-74 Desktop Consoles in various remote locations to increase access to the Tait radio system.


There is no longer a need for dedicated leased lines and remote analog radio stations, saving GVEA time and money. Using existing IP infrastructure, the mini-SIP desktop consoles connect to the Tait radio via VoIP.

This new solution not only increases reliability but reduces recurring monthly network costs for the association.

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