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Client Story

Silvercomm, VIC, Australia

Silvercomm provides a communications network that supports organizations across the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. In addition to site, technical and trunking services, Silvercomm also provides communications fit-out, servicing and installation services to transport organizations in the area.

Silvercomm, VIC, Australia

"Our customers trust the quality that’s synonymous with the Tait brand. "

Peter CrookSales and Marketing Manager - Silvercomm


Silvercomm were operating a seven-site TaitNet MPT 1327 trunked analog network and wanted to provide their customers with a new digital offering that would provide greater technological advantages and improved quality of service.

Peter Crook, Silvercomm Sales and Marketing Manager said, "Both Silvercomm and our customers were ready to move to digital. Silvercomm has a reputation for providing the best quality solutions and we wanted to retain that by offering an emerging digital technology that was best suited to the needs of our customers."


Silvercomm chose to migrate to DMR Tier 3 trunking, an internationally proven, interoperable, open-standard technology that would allow them to continue to provide their customers with choice. "We chose Tait because we trust them. We have a long history of working together, we have faith in their products and our customers trust the quality that's synonymous with the Tait brand," said Mr Crook.

Tait, with local distributor Logic Wireless, supplied Silvercomm with a nine-site UHF Tait DMR Tier 3 trunked voice and data network – the Silvercomm CLEARCALL DMR network. The Tait DMR network features IP-based flexibility, enabling easy expansion for Silvercomm as it grows or as requirements change.

Commercial customers on the new DMR network will benefit from improved digital audio clarity and greater coverage, allowing them to communicate easily wherever and whenever their operations require. While the focus of the new DMR network is primarily on voice, DMR has inherent data capabilities, which Silvercomm will leverage by providing basic "screen type" data features such as Short Data Service (SDS) messaging and GPS.

Silvercomm is managing the migration of its customers from the existing TaitNet MPT 1327 trunked analog service to the new Tait DMR digital service. The MPT network will continue to operate alongside the new DMR network so that Silvercomm customers can migrate to the new network at the time that suits them best.

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