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TN8200 Node Controller

The Tait TN8291 node controller is at the heart of Tait MPT-IP analog trunked solutions. Rich in features and interfaces, it follows MPT-IP Standards and is software upgradeable to DMR Tier 3.
TN8200 Node Controller

TB8100 Base Station/Repeater features include

  • Distributed architecture for efficient and cost-effective network design
  • Flexible voting options to optimize radio movements between sites
  • Improved workforce safety and efficiency with flexible voice and short data management
  • Efficient scalability of system infrastructure based on IP network connectivity
  • Robust design provides multiple levels of redundancy for reliable communications
  • Standard-based functionalities for interoperability and increased capability
  • Customization possible for fulfilling particular user needs
  • Subscriber authentication provides secure communications
  • Reports general statistics for visibility of system health
  • Multiple interfaces and system-to-system connectivity via gateways can connect external partner's solution equipment or extend the network
  • Easy to migrate from TaitNet MPT1327 to Tait DMR Trunked
  • Multi-layer architecture for improved performance
  • Remote management for greater operational efficiency

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