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Direct-to-Device Alert Tone Warns Miners

Direct-to-Device Alert
Tone Warns Miners

Australian Newmont Goldcorp Boddington gold mine automated its blast warning procedure, allowing workers to clearly hear alert tones playing directly from their radios.

Before automation, authorized personnel at Boddington mine notified workers about scheduled blasts by broadcasting alert tones played by a centrally located device over the radio network. This method resulted in some workers not clearly hearing the alerts due to digital background noise filters, network congestion or being in a location outside network coverage. These issues were resolved by storing alert tones on individual radios and installing a TAIT AXIOM fixed device equipped with on-board edge computing, application processing and workflow automation capabilities.

Now, authorized personnel can remotely access the device and execute an automated workflow that sends instructions to radios to play the appropriate, locally stored alert tone. The workflow is set to repeat the transmission at multiple time intervals to ensure any radios in conversation or out of coverage during the alert will receive another one.

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