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Refrigerated Truck Reports Data to Ensure Freshness

Refrigerated Truck
Reports Data to Ensure

A refrigerated transport company automated the continuous collection and reporting of temperature within the vehicle’s storage area to inform drivers while in transit, and document freshness upon receipt.

Prior to automation, drivers were unaware of temperature changes that compromised the freshness of the cargo. The lack of information didn’t allow the driver to make corrections during transit, or defend against spoiled goods disputes by the receiver. The company resolved the issue by installing TAIT AXIOM mobile devices equipped with on-board edge computing, application processing and workflow automation capabilities.

Now, IoT sensors located in the storage area continuously report temperature data via Wi-Fi to the mobile device, which transmits it to a cloud application using an LTE connection. Drivers can react to alerts received when temperatures drop below or rise above a preconfigured range, and can produce transit reports detailing the state of the refrigerated cargo while in transit.

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