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Deploy Services

Tait Deploy Services install and implement new systems to deliver the functionality and performance you require. When you agree on a system design, Deploy Services make it happen, acquiring, integrating, configuring, installing, commissioning and verifying all elements or parts of a new system.

Each stage of a project is managed by qualified and certified Tait experts with extensive system deployment experience, and a Tait transition service assists the customer in preparing their system and users for the changeover to business-as-usual operation.
Deploy Services

Why Choose Tait Deploy Services?

Expertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

Deep industry understanding and fifty years of system deployment knowledge and experience means Tait can reduce issues and manage project-related risks during migration to your new network.

Save time with efficient planning

Save time with efficient planning

Earlier go-live means you start returning on your communications investment sooner. Industry-leading expertise delivers well-scoped, defined and managed projects that are delivered within budget and scope of change requests.

Improve user adoption rates

Improve user adoption rates

When new technology is introduced, workers who are confident and informed will adopt the new system more readily, engage sooner and deliver operational benefits earlier. Every Tait expert that works with your people is committed to familiarizing and informing them, saving time and reducing frustration.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Trained workers can operate and maintain systems without error, and can resolve issues before your communications network is impacted. Contractor callouts are reduced, because your people can perform critical tasks. Qualified and certified Tait experts will ensure your people have the skills and knowledge to operate efficiently.

Service Transition

Service Transition

Tait provides a transition service to help you prepare your system and users for the changeover to business-as-usual operation. Whether the new system is to continue as a Tait Managed Network or operated solely by your organization, our wide knowledge and experience of system changeovers helps ensure a smooth transition.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Based on your specific requirements, the ISO27001-certified Tait Cyber Security team will provide industry best practice security solutions, including any additional security requirements you may have.

Key Services

At Tait, we know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always meet the communications challenges organizations face. This is why Tait partners closely with our customers to provide communications systems and services that precisely fulfil your requirements, adhere to your constraints, and work within your budget.

Cyber Security

Industry-best practice security solutions, including additional security requirements you may have.

Change Management

We work with your people to ensure a smooth migration with user buy-in.

Project Management

The most direct and cost-effective pathway to your agreed goals and objectives.

System Documentation

Accurate, up to date information you can rely on in an emergency.

RF Site Surveys

Preparatory RF site surveys to ensure optimal coverage, system performance and reliability.

System Configuration Configuring your equipment so you can be confident it operates as per the detailed design.
Installation and Commissioning

Installing, testing and optimizing your new network.

Coverage Verification

Industry-standard measuring and verifying system coverage with tools developed in-house.

Acceptance Testing Acceptance tests are done at various stages of deployment and combine functional and performance testing against agreed baselines.

"Project Management was great. They kept everything on time and there were no delays with installation."

Steve SchmidtIT Manager, City of San Luis Obispo

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