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Private LTE Solution Elements

Organizations require real-time interactions with operations, employees, customers, partners and suppliers anywhere and at any time. To meet this challenge, they need communication networks that are reliable, flexible, efficient and secure.

Tait Micro Core Network 

Designed to meet the needs of small private networks, the Tait Micro Core Network is a complete Evolved Packet Core (EPC) based on 3GPP LTE R11 specifications. The Tait Micro Core Network can be deployed rapidly using compact servers.

The Tait Micro Core Network is flexible, cost efficient, and easily portable. It runs Linux OS with a flexible range of performance and capacity options. The operation and maintenance system ensures easy provisioning and operation of the distributed application system through the local management server. Tools for performance management, fault management and diagnostics are designed to be easy to use by non-skilled operators.

Tait Micro Core Network 

eNodeB Solutions

A range of eNodeB equipment is available that is easy to deploy in both indoor and outdoor areas for small or large industrial sites and in field area networks. You can eliminate coverage holes, boost traffic and solve in-building penetration problems to deliver a greater user experience.

Power output options range from 250mW to 20W.

Global LTE bands supported include B1, B2, B3, B4, B9, B26, B38, B48.

eNodeB Solutions

Backhaul Solutions

Tait has an industry-leading backhaul and fixed access portfolio designed specifically to solve outdoor and indoor backhaul connectivity issues where high capacity is required.

You can enjoy a lower Total Cost of Ownership by utilising comprehensive self-healing and self-optimizing features as well as minimizing the upfront investment in fibre links that are normally required by traditional backhaul technologies. The Tait wireless backhaul solution uses a Macro eNodeB to connect the wireless back node to any end node.

Wireless backhaul options include:

  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multi point
Backhaul Solutions

Mobile Network Solutions

In natural disasters fixed communication infrastructure may be impaired. When rescue missions are required in areas where there is no coverage it becomes very difficult to coordinate emergency response teams. A rapid deployable, self-sufficient broadband communication infrastructure is of essence to deliver unplanned communications services.

Tait offers two types of mobile deployable networks:

  • Mobile, on-vehicle (network on wheels)
  • Mobile, on-person (backpack)
Mobile Network Solutions

CBRS (Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service)

CBRS enables organizations to set up private wireless broadband networks without the need for expensive spectrum licences.

With CBRS, Private LTE can easily be deployed as an alternative to WiFi networks, delivering significantly higher performance. CBRS also gives existing network operators expanded access to spectrum for enhanced Mobile Broadband Services (eMBB).

CBRS adds Spectrum Access System (SAS) servers to provide an advanced, three-tier spectrum sharing framework adopted by the FCC for CBRS 3.5GHz spectrum available in the US and emerging in other countries.

With the option to use either Priority Access License (PAL) or General Authorized Access (GAA) spectrum, or both, your organization can have access to up to 150MHz of spectrum for gigabit-level services.


Network Management

The RAN software for Element Management manages the entire range of products both in Access and Backhaul domains. Based on a client-server architecture, it provides an always-on service with front-end web applications and interfaces to interconnect with customer OSS.

With flexible configuration and architectural options, it can be deployed to support scalability and high-availability with an option for seamless failover if any node fails.

Network Management