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Client Story

Colvins Communications, Gisborne, New Zealand

Colvins Communications is the authorized Tait dealer for the greater Gisborne area in New Zealand. They sell, install and service conventional, trunked and DMR radio equipment, provide fault-finding and repair services, and operate and maintain a network of DMR Tier 3 repeaters that give wide area coverage across the district through the Push Wireless radio network.

Colvins operates in the remote easternmost area of New Zealand's North Island, and to provide fast and efficient services to their often faraway customers, Colvins purchased Tait EnableFleet, an online configuration management tool.

Colvins Communications, Gisborne, New Zealand

"Tait EnableFleet has made it so much easier and quicker to program radios, making it possible for us to provide a better service to our customers. "

Tim ColvinTechnician, Colvins Communications


The greater Gisborne area is located on the easternmost edge of New Zealand's North Island. Known for its agriculture and winemaking, the area also features rugged hills covered in dense forests, which are largely inaccessible.

Because the region is so remote, some of Colvins' customers can be hard to reach or a long drive away. This makes it expensive and time-consuming to send technicians out to reprogram radios.


Colvins purchased the Tait EnableFleet online configuration management tool. This stores an organization's configuration data in a central database and automatically generates the settings required for each radio.

Even though a large percentage of Colvins' customers' radios operate on analog conventional networks, many of them have access to the DMR Tier 3 network solely for over-the-air programming (OTAP). Tait EnableFleet enables Colvins to manage these radio fleets too, by switching Tier 3 on and off as required.

Colvins manages the majority of their DMR Tier 3 customers in Tait EnableFleet at no additional charge. This gives them a point of difference and ensures the customer returns to them for any additional programming requirements.


Using Tait EnableFleet means Colvins' customers don't have to gather their geographically dispersed fleets together for programming changes. Customers don't have to shut down production to allow technicians access to radios and Colvins can apply updates when it suits the customer.

There is no longer need for Colvins technicians to make long round trips to reprogram customers radios, which means they can be more productive, and the customer doesn't have to pay call-out fees for site visits. Another benefit of no site visits is that there's less health and safety paperwork to complete.

Tait EnableFleet and OTAP have equipped Colvins with the means to provide programming updates in a matter of hours of being requested by the customer.

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