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Client Story

Department of Defence, Australia

The Australian Department of Defence is using advanced Tait radio communications technology in 24 training areas across the country, as part of its Standard Training Area Range Safety Network (STARSN) to be rolled out over 18 months.

Department of Defence, Australia

"The system minimizes any risk by avoiding the need to change frequencies depending on where personnel might be in the training area."

Ben LansPS Management Consultants STARSN Project Manager


The DoD had identified shortcomings in its range safety communications. It needed a standardized solution for its training ranges throughout Australia, and required a communications system that was compatible with its existing combat radio equipment – without diverting these resources from combat training activities.

Tait won the DoD contract after a successful Quasi-Sync demonstration that proved the interoperability between commercial equipment and the combat net military equipment.


The revolutionary solution from Tait included sophisticated commercial equipment customized to interoperate with the DoD’s existing equipment, and its Quasi-Sync system. Multiple repeater stations enable military personnel to communicate from anywhere on the training area using a singleradio frequency.

The interoperability of Tait’s radio communications system with the existing DoD combat radio system means troops training on the ranges do not have to carry additional radios to be on the safety net. Tait undertook extensive product development to make its system compatible with the VHF combat radio system used by the DoD.

Commercial radio communications equipment operates on a narrower bandwidth to military equipment, and so the Tait custom integration team had to modify its equipment to suit the DoD’s ultra-wide bandwidth requirements. In doing this, Tait overcame a difficult technical challenge for the DoD. Its Quasi-Sync system gives superior radio coverage over a wide area, by broadcasting simultaneously from several transmitters on the same frequency. This open channel provides instant contact between all military personnel using the system, increasing their safety during training exercises.


Tait was the only company in Australasia that could meet the full radio requirements of the DoD for the STARSN project with a customized safety communications system. The STARSN project is one of the largest contracts for Tait in Australia and has given the DoD an excellent introduction to Tait.

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