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September 10, 20121 min read

Tait used as Case Study for Innovative Design Thinking


departureMAK event flyerThe concept of design thinking refers to a structured, versatile, and user-centred approach in order to successfully generate innovations, starting from the development of new products and services all the way to new fully fledged business models.

On the 14th and 15th of September, Tait will be the main subject of a case study which will be held by lecturers from the department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Business University in Vienna, in conjunction with a Design Thinking exhibition at  the MAK museum (museum of Applied/Contemporary Arts) in Vienna.

The workshop will consist of 20 “students” each of whom come from design backgrounds, either intellectually or professionally, and will involve them coming up with a concept that has an emphasis on implementing the design of smartphone technology into public safety radio communications networks. The lecturers will split these students up into 4 groups, and over the space of the 2 days they will implement the process of design thinking into finding a potential future communications based for Tait’s Public Safety Customers.

The students will be concentrating on the theme of ‘Informed Bewilderment’ i.e. finding the most efficient way for radio users to absorb all of the information or data that is sent to them over a radio network. During the 2 days, the students conduct interviews with both Tait experts as well as public safety professionals, to gain an idea of the challenges that are faced when using radio communications in mission critical environments. This will include standard interviews over the phone with experts in New Zealand, as well as role play situations using both current radio solutions and smartphone devices with the idea of finding the right solution to fit public safety professionals.

The workshop will host a number of public safety professionals, including a district commander of an Austrian fire brigade division as well as officers from a large private security firm in Vienna.

This is a great opportunity for Tait to gain some key insights into the future design of our solutions.

To receive a summary of the conclusions from the workshop, please register here


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