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September 19, 20123 min read

A great APCO-August

Tait Biolink Demonstraton

Showing his devotion to customers’ causes is Tait’s Tanmay Bhola – dropping to the ground to demonstrate the Biolink system

Every August the excitement levels peak in the Tait Americas headquarters in Houston, Texas. Why? Because August means it’s time for the APCO National Conference and Expo.

  • APCO means the chance to say “thanks” to those who’ve chosen our solutions for mission critical communications
  • APCO gives us the opportunity to understand more about the communications issues facing the public safety industry
  • And at APCO, we can listen to what people really think about our newest solutions

And this year’s APCO was no exception, as we showcased our next generation P25 digital radio to the conference.

Visitors to the Tait Communications stand learned all about our TN9400 core network and its ability to provide both 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA operation and a software upgrade path to 6.25kHz-equivalent P25 Phase 2 TDMA compliance. Others wanted to learn more about what was under the hood of the TB9400 base station – Tait’s second-generation P25 base station with IP connectivity – or how the TM9400 mobile can provide better in vehicle communications with its range of control heads and worker safety options.

Tait APCO stand

And for many people, the key talking point laid in the palm of their hands: the TP9400 is perhaps the smallest P25 Phase 2-capable portable in the United States. Despite its small size, it sets a new benchmark in meeting the demands of first responders – these feature were clearly demonstrated in an animated display of the use of “biometrics”.

When linked to the Zephyr BioHarness via Bluetooth®, the TP9400 portable sends updates on the radio user’s biometrics (heart rate and health status) – otherwise known as “Biolink” – to emergency services control. A real-time, real-world application of technology that can literally save lives well before emergency situations reach “man down” status.

Tait Apco Stand 2012
But communications for public safety agencies isn’t just about selecting the best technology available.

Unfortunately, most (or perhaps all) public safety agencies don’t have an open check book, so the decision in selecting a particular solution may depend on other factors as well as the price, such as the ability to reduce the risk of an investment today for a safer long-term choice.

This is the reason Tait also chose APCO to preview the launch of its Smart Value subscriber program. In a nutshell, Smart Value gives agencies:

  • ten years of Tait-provided support services
  • new batteries shipped in years three, six and nine
  • and the one-off exchange of the originally-purchased radio for a new one, including accessories, at an agreed point in time

Look out for more details on Smart Value soon.

The location of APCO in Minnesota couldn’t have been better; over the past 12 months Tait has been working heavily to improve the communications of emergency responders within the state on several levels.

Tait APCO ImageWe’ve deployed a unique solution that gives emergency responders access to immediate communications during crisis situations and planned events. Our self-contained, deployable solution means homeland security regions can provide replacement or backup to damaged, destroyed or over-burdened radio communications. The repeater system supports both 800MHz and VHF frequencies and is seated on a lightweight Aluma Tower trailer for rapid and easy deployment. The repeaters are secured in a rugged case and are capable of being used for operation in narrowband analog or digital P25 mode.

Our P25 9100 series portable and mobiles radios have been approved for use on Minnesota’s state-wide ARMER network and are available for purchase on the state’s contract.

All in all a great APCO-August.


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