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November 7, 20121 min read

Milipol Qatar 2012


Tait Communication’s Europe-Middle East-Africa team recently hit the road to visit the Milipol event in Qatar – a three-day event for key decision makers from the military and police in the Middle East.

Tait at Milipol Qatar

The Tait team at Milipol Qatar

Having acquired a large stand space, the Tait team unveiled the new DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Tier 3 Solution. Throughout the three days, Tait experts performed demonstrations using Tier 3 portables, mobiles, as well as the system itself. Furthermore, this event presented a perfect opportunity for Tait to give customers a taste of what future applications will be available on DMR and P25 systems.

Included in these applications was Tait’s Biometrics prototype called BioLink. This particular application allows emergency services dispatch centres to have a clear view of the health of every radio user at all times, live.

Using a Zephyr BioHarness™ connected via Bluetooth™ to a portable radio, the BioLink application monitors vital health data like workers’ body position, breathing rate, heart rate and geographical location, all of which is communicated through data on the radio network. In an emergency situation, these metrics are vital in ensuring worker safety.

This is particularly applicable in the Middle East, as many public safety workers face extreme working environments due to heat and landscape conditions. In an emergency situation, this live information could be the difference between life and death.

Some interesting facts about Milipol:

  1. Running for 14 years, it is the biggest international exhibition in the Middle East, which is dedicated to internal state security
  2. It attracts public safety and military personnel from not only the Middle East, but also worldwide
  3. Tait got to meet users from most middle eastern countries, but also from places like Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus.

Some interesting notes about Qatar:

  1. It is incredibly hot, with the Tait staff having to face winter temperatures of up to 40 degrees!
  2. It is currently a country with one city, Doha. This currently is under construction, and is gearing up to the football world cup in 2022.

All in all, a very successful and interesting event for the Tait team, and we are very much looking forward to attending more events similar to this in Middle East in the coming year.


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