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March 26, 20141 min read

Implementing your P25 System


Wise-up_Implementing-300x300pxYou know the feeling. Your shiny new phone is in your hands, with all its miraculous, life-changing features and apps. But no matter how tech-savvy you are, you’re never quite prepared for the learning curve. It doesn’t respond how your old one did. You missed the first few calls. The menus are different, and those crazy factory settings! Even worse if you are over A Certain Age – the icons are tiny and they all look the same!

In a few days’ time, all’s well, and you are using your new toy like you were born to it.

When your officers get issued with new technology, they don’t have the luxury of that learning curve. The comms device might be all that stands between them and danger. Similarly, the back office team and dispatchers that support them. Everyone needs to be using the network efficiently from Day One.

That’s why it is so important to prepare your organization for change. You will have identified training needs early in your project. Then, while the vendor is installing the system, it is up to you to prepare your organization – radio users, dispatchers, system administrators. This will include training and communications making sure all involved parties understand their roles, the scope of the changes and are ready to start using the new system.

Watch this introduction video from Dr. Jan Noordhof to learn more, or download the guide, absolutely free from the P25 Best Practice website.

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