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September 23, 20141 min read

P25 Best practice – a new guide is about to land

P25 Best Practice - New Guide on its way

Available on the website –

Earlier this year the P25 best practice website went live. The first four guides have been downloaded by hundreds of public safety agencies looking to wise up on P25.

If you haven’t got the guides you can view them at any time online or download them as PDF books.

Tait has always been active on international bodies developing P25, particularly in the area of ensuring interoperability of devices. Since the launch, the team of experts have worked on a 5th guide which will soon be available in the coming weeks.

In the new best practice guide to Managing your P25 System, you’ll read about administration, interoperability, asset tracking, repairs, maintenance, optimization and monitoring.

Here’s what you learn in the first four guides.

  • First steps – Will get you asking the right questions, the goal is to see if and when P25 is right for your agency and what you should consider in making that decision.
  • Specifying your P25 system – Understanding the technology and what best fits your needs.
  • Procuring your P25 system – Take on the the rules of engagement and know what to look for when evaluating proposals and make the right purchasing decisions.
  • Implementing your P25 system – Due to projects being novel and often complex, the guide separates the human and technical aspects that enable a project’s success.

Visit to learn more, watch expert videos and download the PDF versions. If you are currently researching P25 solutions or know someone managing a project the new guide will be a valuable reference. Stay tuned for the official release coming very soon.

If you have questions about P25 best practice or the new guide please drop them below!


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