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January 26, 20151 min read

Introducing Tait GridLink: The economically intelligent choice for distribution automation


GridLinkThe Challenge

Delivering power reliably and safely is a constant challenge for electrical distribution utility companies. The diverse environments that many utilities operate across pose reliability and resilience challenges for their distribution network. Improving grid visibility and control over the distribution network is a key priority.

Grid managers around the world have leveraged various types of communications to connect distribution line infrastructure and substations to their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. However, large parts of distribution grids remain off limits and are not visible or manageable due to the cost of connecting them.

Providing data communication for Distribution Automation (DA) in remote areas with a low density of pole top and pad mount transformers, reclosers, and capacitor banks is commercially challenging, and in rural areas cellular coverage can be too inconsistent, unreliable and a security risk for mission critical communications.

So how can utilities improve distribution grid operations with real-time remote monitoring and mission-critical control of grid assets?

The Solution

Tait GridLink:

Tait GridLink employs wide area, trunked digital radio coverage to deliver a DA solution that is highly economic, reliable and secure, providing visibility and control of your entire grid. It provides utility managers with a layer of network intelligence that delivers both visibility and control over their grid, ensuring operational cost reductions, optimized energy usage, and improved grid reliability and resilience.

Want to know more? We have lots of information including an explanation of how Tait GridLink works.

If you have any questions about GridLink, let us know in the comments below or feel free to contact us.


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