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February 4, 20151 min read

Why did the Bloodhound team head to South Africa with a fighter jet, a bunch of Jaguars and Tait radios?


Pushing-Radio-Comms-nextlevelWhat do you do when radio communications are critical to help you attempt to break the world land speed record from a car traveling at a speed of 1000mph in the middle of the Kalahari desert? When loss of communications could mean the difference between life and death.

You call in the experts. And that’s exactly what the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car team did. To ensure that Andy Green, driver of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car could be in constant touch with the control center, they enlisted Tait’s partner in South Africa, Emcom, to design, install and maintain a fully secure communications hub around the Hakskeenpan in the Kalahari – where there previously has been no communications infrastructure.

Emcom is supplying and equipping the Bloodhound car with its state of the art Tait Tier III Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) which will be linked to the command and control center.

The DMR solution will provide real-time voice and data communications and allow the command center to not only talk to the driver, but monitor his vital statistics such as heart and breathing rate as well as give feedback on the performance of the vehicle throughout the attempt.



Communication Tower for Land speed test

Watch the exciting video for more details on this world record attempt.

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