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February 16, 20151 min read

Calculate how Tait GridLink will benefit your business


Use the New Grid Link CalculatorsTait GridLink is a DMR application that optimizes DNP 3 traffic for Utilities and other industries that utilize industrial control systems. It provides connectivity between a SCADA host application and a remote telemetry unit (RTU).

Installing Tait Gridlink into your current network will impact your business in many ways. To demonstrate the benefits from installing intelligence into your network we have built a series of business case calculators. There are four calculators that focus on different benefit scenarios. You can use all the four calculators to see the total benefits that a Tait GridLink solution can provide you.

Calculator 1: Distribution Operations: Remote Asset Monitoring and Control
The ability to avoid a truck roll is a key element of a business case for remote asset monitoring and control. All assets aren’t equal however, and to effectively target which assets to target first our benefits calculator has five categories from one to five truck rolls per year. Use this calculator to see your saving based on avoiding truck rolls.  Try it now.

Calculator 2: Automated Fault Detection, Isolation and Service Restoration
Automatically sense when something is wrong, figure out how to isolate a fault, and route power around it. This calculator looks at the number of customers that are currently impacted by outages compared to the number of customers impacted after the implementation of automated fault detection, isolation and service restoration. Try it now.

Calculator 3: Distribution Automation: Automated Conservation Voltage Reduction
This calculator looks at the cost of bulk energy for the distribution system and the percentage of reduction that can be achieved through a comprehensive conservation voltage reduction program. Try it now.

Calculator 4: Distribution Operation: Condition Based Maintenance:
This calculator looks at the number of remote assets connected and the expected operating cost savings from predictive and condition based maintenance. Try it now

Visit the website to use the new GridLink calculators

If you want to dig deeper into the benefits your operations can enjoy from a Tait DMR Tier III Network and Tait GridLink, please contact us and we can work through your total cost of ownership and return on investment in a Tait Communications solution.


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