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July 13, 20151 min read

What is propagation? | Radio Academy


How can Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album help us in understanding propagation? blog-what-is-propagation2

Its cover is helpful when thinking about how rays travel. Light travels in rays and so do radio waves. White light going into a prism is separated into different colors by wavelength. Similarly, radio waves travel differently depending on their wavelength. The travel of radio waves is called radio propagation.

If propagation still confuses you, or if you are unsure how radio waves use parts of the VHF or UHF to travel, the lesson Introduction to Radio Communication Principles: What is propagation? covers the topic and explains everything you need to know.

What you will get from taking the lesson is a definition of what propagation is, an explanation into the different elements of propagation, and examples of how it works.

To access the lesson, visit the Tait Radio Academy. You can also access other lessons relating to the basics of communication in order to expand your knowledge base or just as a refresher.

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