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February 24, 2016< 1 min read

Telephone Gateways | Tait Radio Academy


Telephone-Gateways-600x600If a network gateway allows a single audio channel to connect to the DMR network, what is the function of a telephone gateway?

As the name would suggest, a telephone gateway is the interface that enables radio users and telephone users to communicate with each other. The DMR network utilizing a Network Gateway can support direct communications between users on DMR and telephone users.

If you weren’t sure how to answer this question, the video below and the lesson DMR Network Architecture: Telephone Gateways can give you an understanding of how telephone gateways work and how they interact with the DMR network gateway.

Sometimes it is hard to remember all the parts of a DMR network, if you would like to learn more you can take the DMR Network Architecture lesson or take the full Introduction to DMR course on the Tait Radio Academy.

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