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May 8, 20162 min read

Tait Customer Research


TechValidate-400x400Tait recently partnered with TechValidate to survey our customers. One of the goals was to gain insight into why some organizations chose Tait over the competition.

The feedback we’ve received has provided great insight into our customers’ world, and will hopefully prove useful if you’re trying to decide which vendor to choose when upgrading your critical communications network.

Below are the top reasons our customers are choosing Tait over our competitors:

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

1) Willingness to customize your solutions and commercial terms

Many customers appreciate that Tait listens to them. We assess your needs and offer a solution that will meet them, instead of forcing you to fit inside an existing Tait box. Here is what one Fire customer had to say about their customized solution:

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

2) Total solution cost/price

Investing in an LMR system is a big decision and can often last for 10-15 years. You need to ensure you select a high quality system that also meets budget requirements. With Tait, you can rest assured knowing that your investment will produce many dividends for your organization.

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

3) Consultative approach and network transparency

Tait services start from the very beginning with network design, and continue through deployment and support.  Our people will work alongside you, every step of the way, to ensure you get the right system for your needs.

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

4) Overall value (i.e. price vs. benefit)

Purchasing a radio system isn’t just about finding the cheapest option, you want to ensure your organization receives good value. Tait offers excellent value by providing reliable equipment that will endure, lowering total cost of ownership through exciting new applications like GridLink, and more.

Customer Proof verified by TechValidate.

5) Tait Tough – Resilient and Reliable products and solutions

Here at Tait, we’ve always built our products to be tough. It’s nice to see that our customers have experienced their toughness as well!

Customer Content verified by TechValidate.

6) Open standards/Multivendor compatibility

Open standards are central to Tait. We believe that open standards and multivendor compatibility creates competition, allowing our customers to get the best possible solution for the best price. It is also vital for mission critical organizations to be able to talk to neighboring agencies, and Tait open standards and multivendor compatibility enable this:

Customer Content verified by TechValidate.

7) Other

There were many other quotes and comments from our customers.

Lastly, if you are a Tait customer, we’d love it if you left a comment telling us why you chose a Tait solution.


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