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August 19, 20183 min read

Tait DMR: Open Standards, Partnership, Flexibility and Choice


The Tait DMR digital communications platform offers a powerful combination of control, flexibility, and resiliency for organizations large and small. Tait supports the open standards set by the DMR Association, not only for compatibility between radio vendors, but more importantly for the add on application providers that extend DMR solutions.

The open standards ecosystem that Tait has developed is delivering customers more value with the freedom to choose what they need now, and the ability to adapt and evolve over time. There is an extensive network of Tait technology partners, that can be implemented in a combined solution.

Tait DMR – A Smart Investment, Made to Evolve

As a trusted market-leader in DMR Tier 3, Tait has built up a strong, unparalleled offering that has proven to be a smart investment. We’ve worked hard and used our decades of experience and knowledge to continually enhance our DMR platform. With aspects like data services beyond voice and DMR, industry-leading network performance, and simple, secure configuration and management, it’s easy to see what makes Tait DMR Tier 3 an intelligent choice. Read more about these features here.

Affordable Options, High Quality, More Value

While Tait DMR Tier 3 is an excellent choice for organizations that need a communications system that has many additional capabilities beyond just a voice and data network, Tait DMR Tier 2 is the smart choice for smaller, cost-conscious organizations who are still looking to enjoy the benefits of digital. With a lower total cost of operation than Tier 3, Tait DMR Tier 2 offers more coverage and capacity than analog networks, while still providing a flexible, seamless evolution path to upgrade to Tier 3 should your needs change.

The Tait DMR family of hardware

By implementing a cost-effective DMR Tier 2 infrastructure, organizations can also enjoy the high quality of robust, reliable Tait hardware. Our renowned DMR portables have proven to be tough time and again, and their multi-mode capability means you can continue using them even if you choose to migrate to DMR Tier 3. Tait DMR mobiles and network hardware also make this upgrade easy and economical, as you won’t need to reinvest in new hardware. See a Summary of our migration options here.

Tait DMR is also available on simulcast networks, providing another option for critical communications over wide geographic areas. Tait DMR simulcast networks can be stand-alone, or integrated into a larger non-simulcast Tait DMR network for specific coverage issues. Download this flyer to find out more.

Partner Highlight: Omnitronics Dispatch Solutions for Tait DMR

Our large, dedicated network of technology partners offer a wide range of solutions for both Tait DMR Tier 2 and 3. Tait works closely with our partners to provide customers with the most ideal solution to suit their requirements. Due to our strong collaborations and shared dedication to serving our customers, these partnerships result in high-quality options that fit both organizational needs and budgets.

A prime example is the RediTALK-Flex-Lite Dispatch offering from our partner Omnitronics. Available exclusively on Tait DMR Tier 2 networks, the RediTALK-Flex-Lite is optimized for users with smaller numbers of channels and operators in the field. It’s feature-rich with advanced digital voice and integrated data services, providing a lower-cost solution without compromising on quality.

Omnitronics also offers the RediTALK-Flex, a powerful and fully functional dispatch console that simplifies the routine tasks of dispatchers. Designed for small to medium dispatch centers, the RediTALK-Flex integrates easily and seamlessly into Tait networks, and offers a range of add-on features that enable organizations to customize the console as they need.

Watch below for an in-depth look at the RediTALK-Flex, or watch the feature overview here. 

This is just a brief introduction to the world of Tait DMR. To learn more, visit our Tait DMR page, or contact us to help you find the right solution for you.

To learn more about DMR as a standard and what it can offer, check out this free course from the Tait Radio Academy: Introduction to DMR. You’ll learn the basics of DMR, the differences between the Tiers, and much more.


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