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March 25, 20195 min read

Highlights from IWCE 2019


Tait recently attended IWCE 2019 in Las Vegas. We had a great show and enjoyed connecting with both old and new customers, dealers, and technology partners.

If you weren’t able to join, then no worries, we’ve got you covered! In this post Evan Forester, Marketing Communications Manager for Tait Americas, shares some of the highlights from IWCE.

Tait Innovation Demonstration

We took a fresh, new approach to our booth this year. We built a large mural with several demos and stories integrated into the imagery. We also showed off our DMR Tier 2 solutions (including the new TP3000), and we showed off our network management tools that make Tait powered offerings so unique.

Check out this video, which highlights just a few of the demos we had going on at the booth:

Tait Unified Solutions

This 12×20 foot mural was the main attraction at our booth. We integrated several stories around Tait Unified Vehicle, TeamPTT, and more.

Tait Unified Vehicle provides a vehicle area network that combines mobile radio and broadband connectivity with an on-board edge computing and application platform. On the booth we demonstrated several different applications for Fire (such as mobile voice recording), Police (such as opening a K9 Unit door from your radio), Utilities (such as asset tracking), and more.

Our Tait TeamPTT solution offers users a PTToC option for connecting to the radio network. It connects radio, cellular and WiFi networks so that users on any of these networks can talk to each other. Users can choose from a range of end-user devices and ensure they’re already familiar with their communication tool. One popular device brand amongst critical communication users is Sonim. We showcased a couple of different Sonim phones, and you can learn more in this interview with Sonim CEO, Bob Plaschke.

Just to the side, we had another mural depicting a control room. Here we were able to show off the Tait AppBuilder (which makes many of the Tait Unified Vehicle apps possible), Tait EnableFleet, and Tait EnableInsight. These tools enable organizations to enhance their radio network and ensure it runs at top capacity. Monitor and manage the health of your network from your desk!

Also on the Tait Unified Solutions wall, we had our TP9400 and TP9300 radios, our Tait GridLink solution, and the new TP3 portable. The important thing to remember is that we can bring all of these different modes of communication and unify them into an advanced critical communications network.

TP3 and DMR Tier 2 Solutions

Have you noticed we’ve talked a lot about the new TP3 lately? Then it’s no surprise we were showing it off at IWCE! Customers and dealers were really excited about the ability to customize the colors and labels of the radio.

But the TP3 is just one part of our full DMR Tier 2 solution. We also had our TB7300 base station, the RediTALK Flex Lite console from Omnitronics, and the TM9300 Mobile radio.

Redefining Network Management

We also had some space dedicated to Tait base stations and the network monitoring and management tools we offer. Many people were really impressed with the TB9400 with its ability to run Analog Simulcast over IP, P25 Phase 1 Conventional or Trunked, and P25 Phase 2 all on the same base station. This future-proof path gives people a lot of confidence about migrating their system.

The quad-mode DMR base station, the TB9300, was also on display, as well as our entire Tait Enable Suite of monitoring and managing tools.

Tait Technology Partner Forum

Tait hosted our annual gathering of technology partners. Our commitment to open standards and interoperability means we have a strong technology partner network. This network allows us to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions that integrate together in a unified network.

This year our CEO, Garry Diack, spoke to the group and gave his view on the exciting future of Critical Communications. As expectations from customers grow, we believe that a world-class partner network is essential to our purpose of keeping mission critical organizations connected.

Harris Indirect Channel Partner Meeting

Before IWCE started, Tait participated in the Harris Indirect Channel Partner meeting. In North America, Harris is the exclusive distribution partner for Tait powered products and solutions. This gives customers a wide selection of channel partners and resellers all across the United States who can offer local expertise and support.

The event lasted a couple days and was filled with interesting insights into industry trends, product developments, and best practice. It was pretty inspiring to see the wide variety of technology experts from Harris, Tait, and the indirect channel partner network come together. I know we at Tait learned a lot and I’m sure other attendees did too!

Danielle Marcella (Harris) and Bruce Mazza (Tait) speak to the dealer network.

The Harris Booth

Our North American distribution partner, Harris, also had an exciting booth. They were next door to us and it was great spending time with our counterparts, meeting with dealers, and exchanging ideas for finding the best possible solutions for customer needs.

Harris showed off its collection of P25 and DMR Tait powered portable and mobile radios on the booth, as well as their XL-200P portable and their brand new XL-185M mobile radio. They had a really cool sound chamber for experiencing the noise cancellation and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) integration capabilities of the Harris portables. They even had a wind chamber on site where you could experience hurricane force winds to showcase how its resilient systems have survived extreme conditions. Like Tait, the Harris booth stayed very busy throughout the entire show!

See you next time

If you missed us at IWCE 2019, we hope to see you next year at IWCE 2020. In the meantime, both Harris and Tait will be attending shows across the United States and globally. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can hear about our future events!

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