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April 23, 20192 min read

Who We Serve


Tait solutions help critical industries around the world operate safely and efficiently.  But don’t take it from us – read our clients discussing the benefits of Tait solutions in their own words.  Our Client Stories page shares stories from a wide range of organizations, all over the world.  Tait has a long history of knowledge and understanding in the industries we serve, so we have experience that we can share with your organization.

Here are some examples of the stories you can find through our new Client Stories page.  With our offices around the world, Tait is positioned to provide excellent localized customer service leveraging global scale and experience with strong technological research and innovation.  Tait has partnered with the following organizations to provide services and solutions that have increased efficiency and safety:

MACC 911 Grant County, Washington, USA

To solve a range of issues with their radio system, MACC 911 partnered with Tait to design a complex and innovative network. The Tait powered system is the ‘full P25 meal deal’ with LSM, P25 encrypted radios, network management, console integration, services and support. Public safety has greatly increased due to the resilience and reliability of the network.


TriMet, Oregon, USA

TriMet needed to transition to a digital network and chose Tait to create their custom solution. Tait supplied a system that reliably supports and enhances worker safety for employees across their entire network. TriMet’s new system incorporates a Tait custom solution for AVL, which provides high throughput position updates for their public transport fleet.


Fire and Rescue New South Wales, Australia

FRNSW needed to upgrade their analog network and move to a new spectrum band.  Tait installed a P25 system that delivers a 20% improvement in coverage, with considerably better audio. Their new network has saved over $1 million.


Talquin Electric Cooperative, Florida, USA

Talquin needed a reliable system with multiple usable channels. They wanted interoperability and safety features. A Tait DMR Tier 3 solution was installed and consequently Talquin has improved their communications and efficiency. They can communicate with neighboring organizations and workers are safer due to the Man Down function of the Tait radios.


Capcoal Queensland, Australia

Capcoal needed a digital system based on open standards that would deliver seamless communications for operations across their four mine sites.  Reliability, value and longevity were key factors in selecting Tait.  The Tait digital radio solution not only provides Capcoal with additional operational functionality, but has also increased the communications coverage across the mine sites with crystal clear voice communications.

You can explore more Tait client stories through our new page here.


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