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June 18, 20192 min read

Fast Polling for Location Services (Everything you need to know)


Location services capability is a fundamental building block to improving many operational efficiency and safety outcomes.  It is on this basis that we have significantly invested and will continue to invest in Tait DMR location data capabilities.  In this first release we are now offering polling at a rate eight times faster than previously offered, while fully maintaining mission critical voice services.  So here’s all you need to know about this new capability.

Why you should be excited about Tait Fast Polling:

For any organization with a large vehicle fleet, the radio network is their primary location service capability.  It is therefore crucial that accurate data is sent and received by users at a rapid rate, whilst maintaining critical voice coverage.  Tait Fast Polling offers a true co-existence of voice and data.

Whether it be close monitoring of users’ location near a hazardous area, or a large fleet of vehicles that can travel at high speed, faster polling results in better understanding of where your staff are at those times you need it.  Combined with good process, this allows proactive management of safety and better operational management.

For some organizations that use cellular networks for location services, this functionality can be used in their radio network as a mission critical backup if the cellular service is overloaded or interrupted.  It can also supply location data from areas that do not have cellular coverage.

How is Tait Fast Polling achieved?

The faster polling is achieved by utilizing the adjacent slot to the control channel, and dedicating this to data (location in this case).  It is a scalable solution, supporting polling rates of up to 1,000 polls per minute per site.  This significant improvement in location awareness is achieved without compromising Tait mission critical voice, and is a perfect example of Voice and Data operating seamlessly on the Tait DMR T3 Network.

How you can implement Tait Fast Polling:

Tait Fast Polling is compliant to the DMR Tier 3 standard, with no additional licenses required.  Existing applications and standard node interfaces (DIP/LIP/Monitoring API) can be used to access the increased location polling data.

Upgrades are best performed as part of a Tait Service Advantage or other Tait Support or Service contract.  This will ensure a carefully planned and supported upgrade, so you can benefit from fast polling as soon as possible.


Tait EnableFleet places the control and management efficiency of your entire radio fleet firmly in your hands.

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