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September 30, 20191 min read

How to Choose the Right Communications Bearers: Tait Radio Academy


Trying to decide which forms of wireless communication are right for your organization?  In the second lesson of Introduction to Unified Critical Communications, we look at the pros and cons of LMR, WiFi, Satellite, and LTE.

Maybe you’re convinced that no single device will meet all the needs of your organization, and now you’re looking at integrating multiple devices into your comms system.  So, which network bearers should you consider?

Maybe you’re already using multiple technologies but want to know whether you’ve made the right choices.

Or maybe you are looking at adding another bearer to the mix you already have.

In this lesson, you’ll explore the pros and cons of some of the most widely deployed bearers.  Factors we will consider include: coverage, reliability, service quality (whether for voice or data), and security.

Find your answers in How to Choose the Right Communications Bearers, the second lesson of Introduction to Critical Communications.

The Tait Radio Academy is a free training resource, providing foundational education on a wide range of critical communications topics.  From basic radio awareness to Industrial Control Systems, there is a range of material for people in both technical and non-technical roles.

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