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November 21, 20191 min read

Connection 10 Released: Download Your Copy


Connection Magazine collects interesting and informative stories from the critical communications world.  Over nearly a decade, Connection has become a well known and trusted industry resource.

We are pleased to announce the much-anticipated 10th issue is here!  This issue celebrates 50 Years of Tait Communications with a look at the future of critical industries.

Feature Articles in this Issue:

  • The Future of Critical Comms

    What technological disruption does the future hold, what trends are emerging, and what do you need to know to be prepared?

  • Who’s Watching your Network?

    Proactive monitoring and management of critical communications networks are key to business continuity, maximizing up-time for the safety and effectiveness of your team.

  • A Closer Look at Geofencing

    When you are in the market for property, they say location is everything. It’s also important when you are running a communications network.

Other Stories Include:

  • The Changing Face of Emergency Medicine
  • Radio Dispatch in the Resources Industry
  • The Future of Comms for Utilities
  • Dedication in the Face of Disaster
  • and many more!

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