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June 23, 20202 min read

Record Every Voice Call


The ability to retrieve voice communications to recreate incidents is crucial for audits, forensic reviews, or valuable insights to your organization’s operations. Having clear information for post-incident analysis at your disposal ensures legal compliance and enables you to optimize safety and efficiency.

Many public safety organizations and critical infrastructure providers around the world have a requirement to record all voice communications. These recordings can be reviewed and used for training purposes, or serve as evidence that emergency responses are carried out appropriately and lawfully.

But these days, a range of networks and devices are used for critical comms, and recording solutions need to be able to capture all network activity. But what about off-network or simplex calls?

On-Board Voice Recorder for Post-Incident Insights

Off-network, or simplex or direct mode communications are commonly used to communicate outside of radio networks, conserve network resources or manage incident areas. But because these calls are made outside any network, they are usually not recorded.

The voice recorder records both network and off-network calls – Click to expand

Tait Unified Vehicle features an On Board Voice Recorder app that records and stores all voice calls sent and received through Tait Unified Vehicle, regardless of network or bearer, including off-network calls, along with rich metadata such as source, destination, type, duration, bearer-type, and location. 

The Voice Recorder offers reliable real-time recording, storage, management and playback options for all your critical communications, and you can rest easy knowing that only authorized users have access to the voice recordings, and no user can delete the recordings.

Secure Access to Extensive Filter and Playback Options

The audited and time-stamped recordings of all network, emergency and off-network recordings can be accessed and played back by smart devices connected to Tait Unified Vehicle via WiFi using a web browser. 

Web Interface Features

Voice Recorder web interface – Click to expand

  • Filter & Sort Calls
    Find the call you’re looking for
  • Rich Metadata
    View detailed call information
  • Quick Playback
    Listen to calls in the interface
  • Export to WAV File
    Download and play audio files
  • View Waveform and ID
    Easily skip to the relevant over

The intuitive interface of the secure web application features waveform representations of calls including radio IDs, enabling you to instantly see when and where different radio users were present on the call. Extensive filter and sort options make it easy to navigate through large numbers of recordings and find the ones you need, and replay or export options allow you to analyse or share any calls of interest.

For more information about what Tait Unified Vehicle can do for your organization, please contact us.

Your Guide to Unified Critical CommunicationsThe future of communications looks very different. Already, many agencies are using a range of wireless networks, as they increasingly rely on new technologies.

Want to know more about the future of Critical Comms? Download this Your Guide to Unified Critical Communications today.



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