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February 2, 20221 min read

omnicore Dispatch: Tait Partner Spotlight


Tait works with industry leading partners to add value and functionality to our clients’ networks. omnicore is the latest computer dispatch software from critical radio management systems company Omnitronics, who specialize in mission critical communications & dispatch solutions to enhance field team safety and interoperability between fleets.

Omnitronics are an Australian-based critical communications supplier with a global presence, having installed communications solutions in over 43 countries in the last 40 years. They focus on easy-to-use, high interoperability, and customizable technologies. Their latest product release being the ‘omnicore’ radio management & dispatch solution.

omnicore aims to be the next generation of dispatch and serves as a scalable enterprise dispatch management solution that can be hosted locally, in the cloud, or a data center. omnicore is a world class system designed for Emergency Services, Utilities, Mining, Maritime, & Public Safety industries. It is also compatible with existing Omnitronics solutions, with this in mind – why omnicore?

  • Mega Reliable by Design – Natural redundancy through distributed architecture
  • Business Intelligence – Operational productivity and safety metrics all in one
  • Cloud, Site or Data Center – Deploy how it suits you best
  • Easy to use – With a super customizable layout

Omnicore Features

When seconds count, having a reliable dispatch system is critical to getting your team to where they need to be. First Responders arrive just in time to provide critical aid to the injured, Utilities workers are able to quickly isolate the source of an electrical or water outage, and Mining & Maritime units are able to actively track the location of their teams in real time and provide critical communications. Dispatch consoles provide a vital link between dispatchers and field personnel.

Omnicore Dispatch System

We partner with dispatch experts like Omnitronics to deliver mission-critical communications to extend the functionality of our clients’ systems to better improve work safety and communication.

Omnitronics Logo

Learn more about Omnitronics and their latest development omnicore here

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