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April 7, 20223 min read

Introducing TAIT AXIOM Workflow Automation


Create, store, and execute automated workflows at the edge using the processing power of TAIT AXIOM Mobile and leveraging its functions and interactions with connected devices.

In 2021, we introduced TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions as a communications platform that combines the resilience of radio networks and the applications of cellular networks to create a safer and more productive working environment. An exciting element of this platform is the next generation of communication systems and their impact on various critical work environments.

Workflow Automations are functions of TAIT AXIOM Mobile and TAIT AXIOM Handhelds that introduce task automation into critical communications. Automating processes that would otherwise be done manually, such as weather updates and direct-to-device alerts. Each workflow can be configured to what is needed, without any programming knowledge.

  • Create, store and execute automated workflows at the edge using the processing power of TAIT AXIOM Mobile and leveraging its function and interactions with connected devices.
  • Create and store workflows in the TAIT AXIOM cloud, and then make them instantly available to teams using TAIT TeamUp broadband connected smart devices.

Utility worker using smart devices

TAIT AXIOM Workflow Automation solutions have applications in various critical industries and are customizable to suit each industry’s needs.

Utility Automates Reporting for Faster Outage Recovery

New Zealand-based EA Networks automated the collection of data required for field technicians to submit network fault reports during outages.

Prior to automation, field technicians reported network faults through radio voice conversations with a dispatcher. The manual reporting was time-consuming, open to error, and congested the radio channels during large outages.

EA Networks resolved issues by installing TAIT AXIOM Mobile devices. Now, field technicians save time and ensure accuracy by accessing an electronic form hosted by the local web server on the mobile, and executing a workflow that automatically collects routine form fields with data like user, location, time, and date.

Refrigerated Truck Reports Data to Ensure Freshness

A refrigerated transport company automated the continuous collection and reporting of temperature within the vehicle’s storage area. While in transit, drivers are informed to assist with documenting freshness to avoid spoilage of perishable goods.

Prior to automation, drivers were unaware of the temperature changes that compromised the freshness of the cargo. The lack of information didn’t allow the driver to make corrections during transit. 

The company resolved the issue by installing TAIT AXOM Mobile device equipment. Now, sensors located in the storage area continuously report temperature data via Wi-Fi to the mobile device which transmits to a cloud application using cellular connection. Drivers can react to alerts received ensuring the quality of their cargo.

Direct-to-Device Alert Tone Warns Miners

Australian Newmont Goldcorp Boddington gold mine automated its blast warning procedure, allowing workers to clearly hear alert tones playing directly from their radios.

Before automation, authorized personnel at Boddington mine notified workers about scheduled blasts by broadcasting alert tones played by a centrally located device over the radio network. This method resulted in some workers not clearly hearing the alerts due to background noise, network congestion or being in a location outside network coverage.

Now, authorized personnel can remotely access the device and execute an automated workflow that sends instructions to radios to play an alert tone. The workflow is set to repeat the transmission at multiple time intervals to ensure any radios in conversation or outside of coverage will receive the alert.

With TAIT AXIOM Workflow Automation, you can tailor critical functions and alerts specific to your industry and apply them across multiple worksites, or upload them to the TAIT AXIOM Cloud for broader use. 

Build your unified communications confidence with TAIT AXIOM Workflow Automation.

Read more about TAIT AXIOM Workflow Automation here.

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