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May 18, 20222 min read

Wearable Comms for Utility Workers


Utilities Linesmen work hazardous jobs in remote areas. Tait supplies innovative wearable devices to keep these critical workers safe and prepared.

These men and women maintain electricity for hospitals, factories, stores and homes; cities would grind to a halt without them. There are utilities organizations of all sizes around the globe responsible for small communities to the entire countries. Governments invest heavily in utilities to improve the reliability of electrical grids for the ever growing population. In extreme weather conditions, these grids can fail. Linesmen are expected to perform during dangerous conditions, like thunderstorms and other natural disasters, to restore and maintain electrical networks. 

Power Pole Illuminated by lightning in the night sky

A linesmen’s daily responsibilities revolve around minimizing network disruption and improving grid reliability, this comes with an extremely dangerous work environment that is full of potential hazards:

  • Confined working spaces
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Falls from heights
  • Inadequate equipment can result in serious electrocutions, burns or death.

Working as a utilities linesman is ranked as one of the top 10 most dangerous professions in the world. In 2021, for every 100,000 linesmen, 2,400 of them suffer a serious injury while on the job. Such dangerous working conditions can prove fatal, so it’s crucial that utility teams have the most effective comms devices available.

TAIT AXIOM Wearables

Immediately Extend Radio Coverage

Linesmen can stay connected beyond the edges of your existing radio network, utilizing nationwide broadband networks.

Bring Anyone Into the Conversation Affordably

Dispatch staff using consoles, managers using cellphones and linesmen using rugged devices in the field can all participate in the same talk group.

Instantly Broadband-Enable Your Existing Radio

Linesmen familiar with rugged portable radios can continue to use their preferred devices, with a simple upgrade to broadband capability. When paired with a Tait Portable radio, this enables many powerful worker safety features.

Go Further with Confidence

Linesmen can work a full shift with reliable broadband connectivity, knowing they are not limited to the coverage area of just one network.

Eliminate Communication Barriers

Workers no longer need to carry both a radio and a mobile phone to contact different support departments,  all teams can be reached through the same device.

Provide Instant Fallback

Should workers need to roam out of the radio coverage area, or if the broadband network goes down, linesmen have access to a second network to stay safe and connected to their work teams.

Execute Automated Routines using Location Data

Linesmen can take advantage of the satellite positioning capability of Tait Portable radios, and location specific automation, to minimize human error in important workflows.

With TAIT AXIOM Wearables, even lone-working linesmen in remote areas can feel safe and prepared for any situation.

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