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August 17, 20223 min read

Heavy Duty Accessories (Video)


A Tait portable radio is a great communications solution, but it’s made much more usable by selecting the right specialist accessories. Tait clients work in tough environments, they need equipment that can survive punishment, and lets them do their jobs unhindered.

Each field worker has different needs and preferences when it comes to the equipment they carry. Tait supports that with a flexible range of accessories to get the most out of your individual communications setup. We recommend tailoring each user’s experience, the device and the accessories that accompany it, to reflect the jobs they do.

Workers in mission critical industries can spend long shifts in hazardous environments. It’s crucial that when they reach for their communications equipment, it just works. Tait offers accessories designed with that in mind – easy to use while wearing safety gloves, delivering instant clear voice and data communications, even at the end of a long shift.

The right audio and battery accessories can save lives when seconds count. Let’s take a look at some accessories suitable for users in hazardous environments:

Tait TSM4 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

The new Tait TSM4 Remote Speaker Microphone is designed for workers with the most challenging jobs. It is a rugged accessory with high quality audio performance, designed for use with all Tait TP9000 (DMR and P25) series portable radios.

The TSM4 is perfectly suited for heavy duty communications, with a number of features to accommodate hostile weather, noisy environments, and safety gloves.


  • Built Tait Tough for Heavy Duty Applications
    • Rugged design
    • IP68 dust-proof and water-submersible
  • High quality audio to hear and be heard in challenging situations
    • Speaker 3W nominal, 6W maximum
    • Tait water-shedding speaker grille and microphone
    • 3.5mm connector plug for earpieces
    • Digital and analog compatible
  • User friendly, ergonomic design
    • Large, protected Push-to-Talk button
    • Glove-friendly programmable emergency and function buttons
    • Large 360-degree rotating clip
    • Heavy duty cable with extended length 1.5m (5ft)
    • Replaceable spare parts (lapel clip, cable and audio jack bung)

High Capacity Battery

Workers doing long shifts need to be confident their communications equipment will be working at the end of the day. It’s important to select the battery performance and capacity options that are right for your organization’s needs. For best shift life, we recommend the 3300mAh High Capacity Battery. It’s the same form factor and dimensions as the popular Tait Performance Battery, but with an improved shift-life of up to 27 hours for high duty-cycle, long shift, or demanding applications.

Tait portable radio batteries feature premium quality Li-Ion cells, overcharge protection, over-current protection, thermal protection, and over-discharge protection, to keep workers safe in the field. They are tested to stay attached and functional even after dropping the radio.

Transportable Multi-Charger

When long shifts exceed the charge of even the highest capacity battery, field charging accessories become a must. The Tait Transportable Multi-charger extends your normal operation shift, keeping workers safe and connected even longer. The Transportable Multi-charger can be powered by mains, a vehicle accessories socket or a stand-alone 10-30VDC power source, like a battery, making it extremely versatile.

The Transportable Multi-charger’s rugged pelican case with its lid up can charge a combination of portable radios and stand-alone batteries.

Tait Portable Accessories

This is just a small sample of the range of Tait accessories available to personalize your communications. Take a look at the Portable Accessories Catalog to see all the ways these clever devices can help make your teams safer and more productive.


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