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March 28, 20232 min read

TAIT AXIOM Wearable adds ESChat, P25 and more


Public safety agencies can now connect their mobile radio networks to broadband applications via the TAIT AXIOM Wearable. Today we look at the expanded public safety broadband capabilities from Tait Communications and ESChat.

The TAIT AXIOM Wearable is now compatible with Tait TeamPTT and ESChat solutions, enabling connection to any LMR network. First released in 2022 with support for DMR Tier 3, the TAIT AXIOM Wearable can now also connect to P25, DMR Tier 2, and analog networks.

The development, being launched this month at the IWCE critical communications industry conference and trade show in Las Vegas, is the result of a long-term technology partnership between Tait and ESChat.

TAIT AXIOM Wearables

The TAIT AXIOM Wearable is a rugged broadband communications device that customers provide to staff members who need to contribute to or monitor their radio network traffic but without the expense of a dedicated radio unit, to extend coverage beyond their radio network footprint, or to broadband-enable their existing portable radios.

As a result of integrating the ESChat application with the TAIT AXIOM Wearable, public safety and other first-responder agencies using P25-standard radio networks can now also achieve the benefits of this device.

“The TAIT AXIOM Wearable is an affordable option for staff who don’t need a fully-optioned portable radio, enabling them to contribute to all radio traffic, from anywhere there is broadband connectivity such as WiFi or LTE,” says Nick Pennance, Tait Communications Chief Revenue Officer. “We are very pleased to be launching this latest development,” he says. “It means that a wider range of customers have access to the benefits of TAIT AXIOM solutions, especially Public Safety agencies working on P25 networks.”

“ESChat on the TAIT AXIOM Wearable provides customers a public safety grade broadband PTT solution”, says Josh Lober, President of ESChat. “When combined with our wireline integrations, ESChat enabled devices, including the TAIT AXIOM Wearable offer seamless interoperability with LMR, Dispatch, CAD and Logging Recorder solutions.”

Tait and ESChat share a strong commitment to open standards, enabling customers to choose the devices and solutions which best fit their needs and circumstances. This launch is the latest outcome of the long-term collaboration between Tait and ESChat which has previously delivered the Tait TeamPTT solution, connecting land mobile radio to smartphone push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) applications for customers such as Transport for London and New Zealand’s St John Ambulance.

About ESChat

Used by the U.S. military, federal, state and local agencies, ESChat is the leading solution for carrier independent secure broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) services. ESChat is able to operate over and across any wireless network, including all commercial carriers, private 3G/4G/5G networks and WiFi. ESChat supports standards-based interoperability with LMR radio networks, including P25 via the native Inter RF Subsystem Interface (“ISSI”) protocol and DMR via the native Inter Application Interface Specification (“AIS”) protocol. ESChat also supports interoperability via RoIP to all LMR radio networks, regardless of radio technology or operating frequency band.

Read the full press release here.

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