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TP9900 DMR P25 Multiprotocol Portable


TP9900 Multiprotocol | Tait Tough


Significantly improve community safety outcomes with enhanced interoperability between first responders, schools, utilities and other public sector organizations with the TP9900, a compact, rugged, reliable portable radio able to access P25, DMR and analog channels in multiple frequency bands.

P25 and DMR Multiprotocol Operation

Significantly improve interoperability between first responders and other public sector organizations with the TP9900, a portable radio able to switch between P25 and DMR networks just by changing the channel. Reduce incident response time with more effective, immediate multi-agency communication.
P25 and DMR Operation

Seamless Multiband Performance

The TP9900 is configurable to operate on any combination of VHF, UHF and 7/800MHz and 900MHz bands. Flexible and simple ordering and deployment of single, dual and multiband operation at time of purchase, or subsequently over the air. Bands are not locked and can be reconfigured.
Seamless Multiband Performance

Easy Grip Ergonomics

The TP9900 features an enhanced ergonomic radio grip and controls for easy operation with or without gloves. The distinct radio controls can be easily adjusted by officers without needing to look down, assisted by Voice Annunciation to confirm the channel settings.
Easy Grip Ergonomics

Rugged, Lightweight Design

Experience the lightest P25/DMR multiprotocol, and multiband portable radio on the market with high capacity battery and compact design. Bridge communications between agencies, or roam between network coverage areas, without the need for several bulky devices.

  • TP9900 Multiprotocol weight with Slimline battery: 11.42oz (324g)
  • TP9900 Multiprotocol weight with High Capacity battery: 13.42oz (382g)
  • Built Tait Tough to survive the harshest conditions
Rugged, Lightweight Design

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Why choose TP9900 Multiprotocol Portables?


Maximum Connectivity

Connect to the range of networks in current operations or future technology migrations: Conventional Analog, P25 Conventional Digital, P25 Trunking Phase 1 and Phase 2, DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3. Integrated GNSS enables Location Services options, Bluetooth® for wireless voice accessories and WiFi OTAP are supported. Analog signaling includes Two Tone decode, MDC1200, PL (CTCSS), DPL (DCS), and Selcall.


Enhanced Worker Safety

Man Down and Lone Worker features are included as standard to send automated safety alerts and can combine with location data and Tait GeoFencing software options to guide an effective response. The programmable Emergency key can also send these safety alerts manually. Enable eyes up operation with voice annunciation of radio settings and battery levels.


Rugged, Lightweight Design

Experience the most compact multiprotocol, multiband portable radio on the market with up to 19 hours shift life in TDMA mode in a highly reliable Tait Tough design built to withstand rough treatment in harsh environments.


Secure Communication

Ensure only authorized personnel can hear your communications with end-to- end encryption management options, FIPS 140-2 certified module, AES, DES and ARC4 algorithms, Tait EnableProtect Key Fill Device and Key Management Facility.

Ergonomic User Experience

Ergonomic User Experience

The TP9900 is designed for easy use in emergency situations, with ergonomic, easy-grip controls; four programmable function keys and a three way selector; and a range of accessories to tailor your experience.

Compatible Batteries and Accessories

Compatible Batteries and Accessories

The TP9900 shares common batteries, chargers and audio accessories that are compatible with all current TP9000 series portables.


Proven P25  and DMR Interoperability

Enable multi-agency response and multi-vendor compatibility for voice, data and encryption methods – the TP9900 is designed to meet the TIA-102 P25 Compliance Assessment Program and the DMR ETSI standards for interoperability.


Exceptional Audio

Hear and be heard even in the most extreme environments, with a powerful 3W speaker, and dual microphone active noise cancellation that removes background noise in both analog and digital modes.

How to buy TP9900 Multiprotocol Portables

All Tait products are available with a range of options, accessories and services specific to your industry. Get in touch to request pricing or a demonstration.
How to buy TP9900 Multiprotocol Portables

Technical Specifications

Multiband Options

Operate across one or more frequency bands, including VHF (136-174MHz), UHF (378-520MHz), and 700/800MHz (757-870MHz). 900MHz (896-941MHz) singleband operation only, requires matching 900MHz singleband antenna.

Long Shift Life

19 hours in TDMA mode at 5/5/90 with 5W transmit power and high capacity battery
17 hours in TDMA mode at 5/5/90 with 6W transmit power and high capacity battery (6W only available for VHF operation in USA and Canada)..

Weight (with High Capacity battery)

13.42oz (382g), without antenna.

Built Tait Tough

Exceeds MIL-STD-810G compliance for shock, vibration, heat, rain, and more.

Options and Accessories

Compatible with TP9000 family of batteries, chargers, and audio accessories.

Dimensions (with High Capacity battery)

1.77 x 2.56 x 5.71in / 45 x 65 x 145mm (excluding knobs and antenna).

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TP9900 Multiprotocol Accessories

Lapel Mic Nighthawk Bluetooth® with 3.5mm earpiece Lapel Mic Nighthawk Bluetooth® with 3.5mm earpiece

Key Features

  • Talk time 12hrs / Standby 80hrs
  • USB rechargeable li-ion battery, battery is replaceable
  • 10m (32ft) operational range
  • 3.5mm audio jack supports external earpiece or external microphone
TSM3e-440x270 TSM3e Speaker Mic

Key Features

  • Dust proof and water submersible (IP67 rated with connector jack sealed)
  • Tait design water shedding grille and microphone
  • Function button (programmable emergency button)
TSM4 Speaker Mic TSM4 Speaker Mic

Key Features

  • Rugged dust proof and water submersible (IP68)
  • Tait design water shed grille and microphone
  • Two glove friendly function buttons (programmable emergency button)
  • 3W speaker
Aina PTT Voice Responder Aina PTT Voice Responder

Key Features

  • Covert mode option
  • IP67 dust and water resistant
  • Easy to use – simple Bluetooth pairing, two PTT buttons, 3.5mm standard audio jack
Heavy Duty Behind Head Heavy Duty Behind Head

Key Features

  • Designed for use with a helmet or hat
  • Discreet c-style headband for comfortable, stable fit
  • In-line PTT
Earphone In-Ear Earphone In-Ear

Key Features

  • 2.5mm plug compatible with Evolution and Storm models
  • Designed to fit either the left or right ear
  • Quick disconnect earphone adapter for easy acoustic tube replacement
Ear Hanger Ear Hanger

Key Features

  • Soft rubber ear loop with speaker
  • Rotational clip to fit either the left or the right ear
  • 2.5mm connector

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