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Client Story

Mt Hutt Ski Resort, New Zealand

Nestled in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, just west of the Canterbury Plains, stands Mt Hutt – home to NZ’s best ski resort for nine years running. Rising above sea level at 6844ft (2086m) elevation and featuring wide-open terrain, a 2241ft (683m) vertical drop, and 902 acres (365 hectares) of leg burning runs, this alpine playground relies on its radio communications to ensure that skiers, snowboarders, and other snow sightseers have an eventful visit for the right reasons. 

"Radios for us are a critical form of communications. We use them in all aspects of our business... we use them every day. "

Lana SchiphorstHead of HR & Admin - Mt Hutt Ski Resort
“In storms it's not possible to hear each other shouting. So we use the radios and they're really effective at what they do, and that means that we can move safely through avalanche terrain and be able to look after each other properly”
Rob FeatherstoneSki Patroller - Mt Hutt Ski Resort
“If we don't have comms... we are putting people are risk – and not just ourselves, but members of the public, because they rely on us to be able to communicate effectively with management so that we can keep them safe. ”
Kevin RobertsonRoad Team Leader - Mt Hutt Ski Resort


Mt Hutt uses a mixture of Tait Portable and Mobile radios across all areas of operation, from lift operators and ski patrollers on the slopes, to the snow groomers prepping runs overnight and road crews ensuring safe mountain access. During any given season the ski resort employs about 300 staff, of which 40-50 will be on the move and actively using radios. 

In a challenging alpine environment where weather conditions can flip in an instant, clear and reliable radio communications are crucial for safety and smooth operations. A number of Mt Hutt's radio fleet have been in service for over a decade, but these radios have proven to be incredibly durable and continue to provide an effective lifeline for their users – a true testament to Tait Tough. 

Tait Tough

Tait 9000 series portable and mobile radios are extremely durable, built to exceed standards and withstand the harshest of conditions. So far they have survived snow, ice, water jets, and much more! Sit back and enjoy watching these mission critical radios survive some of the toughest challenges yet.

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