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Client Story

Shotover Jet, New Zealand

Shotover Jet is one of New Zealand's most iconic 'must-do' adventure tourism activities, operating since 1965 in the rushing rapids of the Shotover River (Kimiākau) gorge near Queenstown. Their high-performance boats, designed right here in NZ, have taken over 4 million people for rides at speeds of up to 56 mph (90km/h)  ー  all while performing stunts including 360° spins within touching distance of the rugged canyon walls. In order to keep their passengers and staff safe, a radio communications system they can rely on is a key part of Shotover Jet's daily operations.

"Radios for us are a critical form of communications. We use them in all aspects of our business... we use them every day. "

Malcolm JuddOperation Manager - Shotover Jet


Shotover Jet worked with Tait dealer Queenstown Radio Services (QRS), who devised an Analog VHF radio solution comprising of TM9300 Mobile Radios for the boats and passenger buses, and TP9300 Portable Radios for beach controllers and other staff members. Every jet boat features a radio terminal mounted under the stern transom, with a long extension cable connecting to a microphone and speaker next to the boat driver - this reduces the risk of the mobile equipment becoming submerged. 

In order to navigate the challenging mountainous terrain, a solar-powered repeater on nearby Queenstown Hill directs the radio signal down into the stretch of river canyon where the boats operate. This signal can also be picked up by the Shotover Jet town office and the buses ferrying customers between Queenstown and the base at Arthur's Point, keeping all business areas connected. 

From jet boat drivers on the river, to workshop technicians, the reservations team, and the beach controllers by the jetty, LMR communications are essential in keeping Shotover Jet running. Boat drivers in particular rely on their radio connection to the beach controllers, awaiting clearance before passing through the narrow, twisting gorge.   -

Tait Tough

Tait 9000 series portable and mobile radios are extremely durable, built to exceed standards and withstand the harshest of conditions. So far they have survived snow, ice, water jets, and much more! Sit back and enjoy watching these mission critical radios survive some of the toughest challenges yet.

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