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March 27, 20131 min read

Tait Tough Test 2: The Punch Test


Can a Tait portable survive a heavyweight boxing bout?

TP9400 punch test imageWe all know technology can be frustrating sometimes. You accidentally turn things off or press the wrong button or it just doesn’t do what you want it to.

While we don’t think you’ll ever get so frustrated by our TP9400 portable radio that you’ll want to punch it (because it’s been designed with a high level of intuitive usability) we reckoned that matching it up to a heavyweight boxer would be a great “real life” way to test just how tough it is.

TP9400 vs. boxer: who wins?

With video camera in hand, we strapped the TP9400 to a boxing bag and got a professional pugilist to pummel it with punches. As you’ll see from the video, he hits it so hard that it goes flying across the room, hits the wall and…well, take a look for yourself.

With this latest test we’ve proven again that the recently-released Tait TP9400 portable radio can withstand all the hard knocks life can throw at it. In fact, it’s the most robust radio we’ve ever made. But please don’t try this yourself – our radios are so tough, your hand is going to come off second best.

All Tait portables go through a grueling testing regime – both in-house and at an internationally recognized testing facility (to show how they stack up against Military Standards). Our real-life “Tait Tough” tests are all about putting our radios through some radical extra experiments that go beyond what can be done in a lab.

If you can think of a new “Tait Tough” test just let us know in the comments area — we’ll film the most popular suggestions and post them online.


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