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July 14, 20141 min read

Tait Tough Test 11: The Dirty Dishes Test


Tait Tough Dirty Dishes - Icecream RadioNo one hates a mess more than us at Tait.
By Evan Forester, Tait Tough Tester.

Leaving dirty dishes out is one thing, but getting ice cream and chocolate syrup all over our TP9400 Portables is another.

So after topping our radio with copious amounts of French Vanilla, we threw it in the dishwasher on HEAVY DUTY, left the cameras rolling, and came back 2 hours later to see if it survived the water, soap, and steam. Not only did the radio turn on straight away, but it also came out clean, sparkly, and smelling fresh.
It’s nice to know that if you ever need to clean your radio, you can do so without damaging it. Even more importantly, if you work in a humid area or around steam, Tait Tough radios are up for the challenge.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below, and be sure to comment your thoughts or ideas for where you’d like to see Tait Tough go in the future.


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