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April 29, 20131 min read

Tait Tough Test 5: The Car Wash Test


Can a Tait portable survive a six-minute car wash?

Tait Tough: Carwash test

An essential requirement of any public-safety-grade portable radio, especially for fire and emergency response teams, is that the radio should work — even in wet conditions. While military standards require the radio to work after being immersed in water to a depth of 3.28 feet (one meter) for 30 minutes, Tait tests it at double that depth, and ensures it remains water-tight and functions perfectly. The bottom line? Tait radios exceed military-grade durability.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve put the Tait TP9400 radio through some pretty harsh tests and it’s passed all of them with flying colors. But those tests were all on dry land. We wanted to take it to the next level and give it a creative “wet test” — to see how waterproof it really is.

Here’s what we did
We duct-taped the TP9400 to the hood of a car and sent it though a six-minute car wash. Apart from coming out shiny and squeaky clean, here’s what happened:


Even after being drenched in water, soap and suds for over six minutes, we still heard the reassuring beep when we turned it on. The radio worked as good as new, proving yet again that the TP9400 is a tough, reliable, beyond-public-safety-grade radio built to withstand the harshest operating environments.

We still have a few more tests to go, and we’ve received some very interesting suggestions for new ones. If you want to see the TP9400 put through its paces, let us know your ideas for new tests in the comments area below.


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