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November 25, 20132 min read

Managed Services: Simplify, Optimize, and Maximize your Critical Communications System


Managed ServicesCritical Communications has become increasingly complex. It’s no longer just about Land Mobile Radio, organizations must also consider LTE, cellular, IP, and more. At Tait, we have over 40 years of experience working in Critical Communications.

In this video, Judd Cain, EVP of Global Services, explains why Tait made the decision to begin offering Managed Services to our clients. Learn how our experienced team can provide a managed services offering that will simplify, optimize, and maximize your critical communications system and ensure your organization is more than prepared for the future.

Video Transcript:
Hi I’m Judd Cain, EVP of Global Services with Tait Communications and I just want to take a couple of minutes to tell you about our Managed Services portfolio. It’s a really important and exciting part of our services business, Global Service that we’ve introduced to the market. And I’d just like to share with you a few key thoughts about why managed services are so important for critical communications.

Tait has been in the critical communications business for over forty years. And in that time we’ve really learned a great deal about what mission critical communications can do and how important they are to organizations that keep the lights on and communities safe around the world.

We made a decision to invest in managed services because this industry is changing and the needs of our customers are changing along with it. We know that the technology that comprises a critical communications solution is starting to become even more complex, especially as things are going more digital and in fact are getting into an IP world, which is really different for the radio space. The ability of our client organizations to attract and retain experts in that technology is becoming very challenging and in all of our client organizations around the world budgets are becoming a problem.

And so Tait Managed Services solves those issues for our customers by focusing on three critical areas. Maximize, optimize and simplify. We simplify the technology for our client organizations by taking responsibility for the operation and optimization of the network. It’s no longer necessary for our clients to retain the level and breadth of expertise internally. Tait Communications takes responsibility for key elements of operating that solution. We optimize that investment by making it more relevant to the business. We deliver more outcomes for the people on the street who are actually using the technology. Tait Managed Services maximizes the investment that our clients make in critical communications by insuring that the system’s performing optimally. We use a combination of our performance management tools in our systems management centers and our engineering experts to interpret how the solution is working and how it can work better and drive better return on investment for our client organizations.

In conclusion, Tait Communications has a long history in delivering successful critical communications outcomes for clients. And Tait Managed Services is just one more way that we are committed to helping our clients be successful, keep the lights on and keep communities safe. From very basic monitoring options to full blown operation of the network, Tait Managed Services is here to deliver the right outcome for your organization. To learn more please go to



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